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District Field Conference Center - Covina, CA
Covina District Field - Conference Center
220 West Puente Avenue
2nd Floor - South Hills Room
Covina, CA 91723

What is Covina Sunrise Rotary?

Board of Directors

Robert Avila

Membership Director

Barbara Brusca

Director, Community Service

Sal Flores-Chatfield

Director, Youth Services

Dennis Duncan

Executive Director

Leslie Gonzalez

Director International Service

Shannon Hidalgo


Bill Higley

Vice President

David Little

Executive Director - Legacy Foundation

Galen Metz

Director Public Relations

Jon Pomeroy

Director - Operation Santa Clothes

Pam Pomeroy

Director - Club Service

Cicero Salmon


Lone Sorensen


Terry Wysocki


Past Presidents

82-83 Richard Curly Jr.

83-84 Robert Jennings

84-85 Gerald Gaynor

85-86 Armando Favela

86-87 Howard Raff

87-88 Tim Burlingame

88-89 Henry Morgan

89-90 George Bradley

90-91 Bob Remy

91-92 Joe Geiselmann

92-93 Al Marino

93-94 Tom Miller

94-95 Richard Adams

95-96 Ed Cooper

96-97 Roman Morales

97-98 Michael Catania

98-99 Roger Gama

99-00 Dennis Duncan

00-01 Hugh Ledford

01-02 Mimmo Femino

02-03 Shirley Von

03-04 John Pellizzon

04-05 Judy Starns

05-06 Owen King

06-07 Terry Wysocki

07-08 Wes Uptergrove

08-09 Galen Metz

09-10 Bill Hammett

10-12 Galen Metz

12-13 Lone Sorensen

13-14 George Fuller

14-15 John Espinoza

15-16 Sal Flores-Chatfield

16-17 Robert Avila

17-18 Shannon Hidalgo

18-19 John Espinoza

19-20 Bill Higley

Membership Directory

Peter A. Arredondo Jr. - Telecomm Construction

Peter Anthony Arredondo JR. is one of our newer "young" members - born in Pasadena CA in 1983. He is the father of Four Boys: Steven, Peter III, Leo and Lincoln. His wife, Valerie LeAnn, married him in 2018 (he says "She thought I was irresistible"). He has been in the telecommunications business since he was 21 years old and wouldn’t change it for the world. He currently owns a small telecom construction company and now plans on seeing what he can do to give back to the city that he says provided so much for him. Besides volunteering, helping people and providing for his family, he enjoys planning, delegating and completing large projects of all sorts. He also likes to golf from time to time (but says he is not good)!  He enjoys going to the river in the summer, camping in the fall and staying home in the winter - and in Spring he has allergies!

Robert Avila - Jeweler

Membership Director

Robert has been a Rotarian for nearly ten years and is a past director of community service and club service. He is the Club's USC Trojan Football advocate as well as being a general sports nut (he flies to a Dolphins game every year and is a baseball / football coach). He is a gemologist and jewelry designer for his Covina store "Constantine Creations" and designs jewelry for Mark Victor Hanson (author of "Chicken Soup For The Soul"). Besides being president for 2016-17, Robert claims his best achievement is having a great wife and four healthy sons.

Barbara Brusca - Retired

Director, Community Service

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Barbara was married in 1961 and has two sons from her first marriage. She divorced in 1980 and moved to California where she became General Manager, Art Director, and one of the owners of Spectrum Decorators which decorated souvenir glassware and ceramics for gift shops in all the major theme parks and hotels. She was married the second time to her husband, Tom for 30 years, who passed away in July 2014. She is happy to be retired and now lives with her five Shih Tzus and enjoys time crafting with friends.

Sal Flores-Chatfield - Insurance

Director, Youth Services

A member of CSR since 2010 (and president in 2015-16), Sal has jumped in with both feet and become a highly valued player in the works of the Club. A top model and spokesperson for cosmetic surgery, he now has a hard time cashing his Social Security checks.

Don Crouse - Tire Dealer

Don is a Charter Member of the Club and has distinguished himself with perfect attendance since 1982. In addition to serving on the board, he's a former Rotarian of the Year and Paul Harris Fellow. Arguably, the best "whiner" in the club, he is an avid fan of muscle cars, road runs, drag racing, and anything automotive. A graduate of Cal Poly, Pomona, he's been married for over 35 years and has two sons.

Dennis Duncan - Optometry

Executive Director

Dennis is a past president of the Club and plays an instrumental part in organizing ticket sales for The Auctions and other CSR fundraisers. He has been a member for over 18 years and in his spare time enjoys working with the Boy Scouts of America, skiing and collecting first edition books by John Steinbeck.

John Espinoza - Printer/Copier Sales/Service

A member since 1961, John has been instrumental in creating the Interact Club of Covina High School, a club that introduces teens to the spirit of Rotary. John runs a semi-successful printer and copier business in his spare time when not busy as a professional Polka instructor...

Brenda Fernandez-Lango - Education

A member since June 2015, Brenda has served as principal dance instructor to the President of Guatamala as well as being credited with conceiving the design of the triangle building at Cal Poly Pomona. Her favorite color is neopolitan and she wears only dolphin-free clogs.

Michael Flowers - Board of Education member

Our newest member, Michael was born in Memphis Tennessee way back in '56. He was a sergeant in the Army and spent 35 years in the US Postal Service. He has been a member of the West Covina Board of Education since 2014.

George Fuller - Retired Educator

George joined CSR in 2010 along with his wife, Marsha. After a twenty-year career teaching and coaching in Covina Valley Unified schools, he left the San Gabriel Valley to pursue a variety of positions in educational administration elsewhere in California, retiring from the San Mateo County Office of Education in Redwood City. Becoming a hobbyist woodworker in his leisure required a return to gainful employment: machinery, tools, and lumber are all expensive. The output of his workshop, most frequently furniture for his daughters, is not generally aimed at a profit. So, to support his bad habits, he has worked locally including substitute teaching, retail furniture sales, and in printing.

Marcia Fuller -

Marcia joined CSR in 2010 along with her husband, George (above). Married to George for 48 amazing years and the proud parents of 2 wonderful daughters, 2 terrific sons-in-law, and 4 "great" grandchildren (2 B & 2 G, from 9 to 18 years old)! Her shady past includes involvement with Little Miss Softball, Girl Scouts, HS girls volleyball referee, various garden clubs, and education (38 years). She taught for 21 years: 1st, 5th, 7th, & 8th (Math, Science, Social Skills and Home Ec) and has enjoyed traveling, skiing, camping, reading, collecting cookbooks, growing things, and converting to a drought-tolerant garden.

Leslie Gonzalez - Computer Engineering

Director International Service

Leslie is one of CSR's youngest members and has decided to join CSR to "...bring a sense of decency and sobriety to the Club". So far, results are mixed amid rumors that she has certain ties to the city of Las Vegas.

Shannon Hidalgo - Banker


A member of CSR since 2010, Shannon was born and raised in La Puente. A Covina resident for 21 years, she has worked in financial institutions for 41 years, 29 years with Pacific Western Bank. Currently VP/Branch Operations Manager of West  Covina Office. She has four children, 6 grandchildren and 2 doggies. Her hobbies include cooking and trying new recipes, happy hour with friends, camping and vacationing with her family.

Bill Higley - Civil Engineer

Vice President

Bill came to CSR by way of volunteering with the Operation Santa Clothes project. He was actually asked to join OSC due to the fact that he hangs out at K-mart every day anyway, and this gives him the opportunity to satisfy his community service hours requirements. As a result of his great participation and ambition, he became a CSR President!

Maureen Hinds - Registered Nurse

(Awaiting Bio... )

Bill Hubbert - Pharmacist

“Bull” (his Club nickname for many years) is a Charter Member of CSR since its founding in 1982 and has been Club Treasurer for about as many years as well. He attended Covina High, Mt. Sac, and the USC School of Pharmacy which led to his partnership in Rose Pharmacy for 30 years. Semi-retired, he now has time to pursue his avocation: the American Old West and in particular, the Indian Wars. He spends time reading and researching the subject as well as traveling to visit historic sites with his lovely wife, Mary.

Greg Jaquez - Civil Engineer

Greg is one of our newest members, joining in August 2018.  He is a longtime San Gabriel Valley resident growing up in Hacienda Heights and living in West Covina for the past 26 years.  Greg is a registered civil engineer and was previously employed by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works for 29 years which makes him a former work colleague of our very own Bill Higley. For the past 3 years, Greg has worked for a consulting civil engineering firm, MNS Engineers, where he is one of the company’s principals.  He has two children, an adult daughter from his first marriage who is a U. S. Army veteran with past deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq, and a 15-year-old son who at Covina High School is developing into one of the top cross country and track runners in the Valley.  Greg himself is a veteran having served in the U. S. Marine Corps with one deployment for Operations Desert Shield/Storm in 1990-91.  In his free time, Greg pretends to be an aspiring woodworker until he loses a finger.

David Little - Finance Director

Executive Director - Legacy Foundation

David is affectionately called "grasshopper" by his fellow members because he rubs his legs together a lot. This could also explain why he has experienced wedded bliss for years beyond what could be expected at his age.

Al Marino - Financial Planning

Al married his wife Nancy in 1971 and has a daughter, Danielle. A member of CSR since 1984, he served as a board member, then club secretary (under George Bradley and Howard Raff), and ultimately, as Club President. A former phys.ed. teacher with a doctorate from UCLA, he coached South Hills HS gymnastics to CIF championship in 1972 then went on to Cal State LA where he served as Gymnastics Coach, Kinesiology Professor and Associate Athletic Director for 12 years. During that time, he was awarded NCAA Division 1 “Gymnastics Coach of the Year” (1974). In the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, he was the manager of the Gymnastics Award Ceremonies. After leaving the educational sector, he became (and still is) Managing Partner at Diversified Securities Inc. in West Covina. He now enjoys wooden boats, doo wop music, backpacking and hiking.

Galen Metz - Wine Bar & Art Dealer

Director Public Relations

After retiring from a 25 year career with Eastman Kodak, Galen opened the Azo Vino Wine Bar and Gallery in Covina where he exhibits and sells fine "objets d'arte" as well as great wines and beers. As a nationally known speaker on business and marketing practices, he served as Chairman of the West Coast School of Photography Board of Trustees and now serves on the Board of Directors of the Covina Downtown Merchants Assoc. As member of the Professional Photographers of America, he received the degree of Photographic Craftsman in '92, the PPA National Award in '96 and is one of only 25 recipients to receive the prestigious Paul Kennedy Award for Professional Photographers of California. He serves as an industry advisor to Through Each Other's Eyes, using photography as a medium for education and cultural understanding involving eight countries. He's a founding member and serves on the Board for the Living American Masters Photographic Project which researches, documents, and archives North America's greatest photographers. In his free time he enjoys motorcycle touring and you may recognize him as our auctioneer for the High Heels and Handcarts auction, the World War II Victory Party and Bootlegger’s Ball (which he chaired).

Henry Morgan - Retired

Henry distinguishes himself as a charter member with perfect attendance. He is a past president (seventh), District Governor's Executive Asst (02-03), and basks in the notoriety of being the club's oldest member. Born in La Jolla, he served in the Navy during WW2, received a degree in Physics from Pomona College, then spent 36 years with IBM. Besides serving as past Councilman and Mayor of Covina, he has been active on many boards and commissions including AQMD, Regional Water Quality, Sanitation Dist., Foothill Transit, Pres. League of Calif. Cities, and is current Legislative Ambassador for the American Cancer Society. Henry says besides being married over 50 years with 6 kids and 11 grandchildren, his best achievement is longevity. His hobbies include cooking, history, politics, gardening, and selling tickets and raising money for almost anybody who asks.

Jon Pomeroy - Water Conditioning

Director - Operation Santa Clothes

Jon is the Club’s “Finemaster” and weekly brings terror to the membership as he relentlessly doles out fines. The offenses range from the absurd to the sublime but it’s amazing just how entertaining an event like someone’s birthday or anniversary can be. On the serious side, Jon has been in the Club since 1982 and is the founder and Executive Director of the Operation Santa Clothes project.

Pam Pomeroy - Retail

Director - Club Service

Pam graduated Loyola Marymount and, after working on campus briefly, married Jon "The Finemaster" in 1972. They started working at Rayne Water Conditioning in Covina in 1978 and bought the business in '89 which they run to this date. In February of '98 she joined with Jon again by becoming a club Member and the driving force behind the Operation Santa Clothes program. The program has clothed over 20000 children and Pam can rightly claim this as her best achievement. Besides her avocation with antiques, she enjoys gardening, traveling, reading and planning the next High Heels And Handcarts Auction. Her personal antique collections are on display at their offices in addition to the 1500 snowmen that are brought out for the holidays.

Robert C. Potter - Insurance

A former roller derby star, Robert brings his talents to CSR as chairman of the Attendance Committee. At home, he spends time with his cats and maintains a library of NASCAR romance novels. He is a well respected consultant and speaker in the hair care industry and has authored several books in the field, earning a Pulitzer with his latest: "Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow".

Cicero Salmon - Executive


Cicero is originally from New York City and is now an involved community member in the City of Covina and a member of the "second-to-none Covina Rotary" since 2016. His wife Janet also works in Property Management based in Covina
and is the head of Parks and Rec for the City of Covina. He has 3 children, a son currently serving in the Navy and two younger daughters. He works in business communications; he helps companies set up their internet and voice services with local  providers like ATT, Spectrum and others, as well as consults companies regarding marketing communications, primarily online such as social media, placement on yelp,, email and text campaigns and more.

J.P. Sazon - Mortgage Broker

John is reputedly one of the wealthiest members of the Club after recently winning a spectacular jackpot in the CSR weekly raffle. A benevolent cost-cutter, he requested that the Club not waste money filing a 1099 to the IRS for his winnings. Currently a player in real estate, he formerly designed, manufactured and produced rotating baskets that are used in raffles.

Lone Sorensen - Controller


Lone grew up in Denmark, and after graduating from high school, embarked on a 6 months vacation to the United States - and is still here. After traveling around in the US, she settled in the Covina area.
She has served CSR as a member of the Board and as a Past President. Lone provides accounting services for several clients in the commercial real estate industry.

Barrey Staggs - CPA

A Rotarian since 1989, Barrey was hatched in Tennessee then packed up the bags and moved to Beverly (well, actually Covina) Hills, that is. He did manage first to stick around for his degree in Accounting at University of Memphis before heading out to see the world. He's formerly the manager of accounting at WR Grace Co., the CFO of an engineering firm, and became a parrothead while working in Trinidad for a few years. A long time fan of curling tournaments, Barrey now vacations in his mountain retreat and still spends time on his Harley. Back in 1987 he married June, who tried to talk Barrey out of getting a bike, but now rides with him on her own Harley.

June Staggs - Accountant

June is an ex-patriate of the British Empire who came to America to join Rotary. Besides helping her husband with math problems at their business, she spends time as a cheerleader for the Pahrump flag football team. (EDITOR'S NOTE: Discretion prohibits further discussion of her extra curricular activites.)

Judy Starns - Real Estate

A member since 1998, Judy has been on the Board, the community service committee, and is a past President.. She started her own company and just retired after selling it. In her "spare" time she keeps very busy with crafts, gardening, and always changing something at home. Evidently enjoying more free time, she says her best achievement, besides raising four sons, is finally having retired.

Terry Wysocki - Computer Technologies


Terry is a past president (2006-2007) and has been in the club since March 2001. Raised in Michigan, he joined the Army in '67, then moved to California to continue his education. He worked 12 years for the LA Sheriff then went into the private computer sector. Now when not working with computers, he rides a Harley with his wife, Sue, who is a Past President of the Covina Rotary Club. He's also a professional musician and has played drums in the White House. His latest hobbies are his 120" home theater / automation system, Pop Tennis and his addiction to all things Android.

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