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Janice Mendez The learning Center Covina @7:00AM

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Planning Meeting 9:00 to 12:00 Azo Vino @9:00AM

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Weekly Meeting at Millies @7:15AM

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1969-12-31 Wed     
1969-12-31 Wed 07:15 AM  SPECIAL Open membership drive conversation. Need to develop plan to bring in more members. Host CSR History Dinner Event 2/18/22. Invite potential members.
2010-01-12 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Seeing Eye Dogs - Maryann Epstein
2010-01-19 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Taylor Talt, Majestic Realty - NFL Stadium
2010-01-26 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Wayne Partee - Africa
2010-02-02 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Btn Chf James Gandy - Paramedic Pre-Hospital Care
2010-02-09 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Winn Patterson - Covina Food Bank
2010-02-20 Sat     PETS Training weekend
2010-02-23 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Star Cerswell, Stellar Bank - Identity TheftrnKiwanis Club visits us.
2010-03-02 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Gordie Norman - Rose Parade Bands
2010-03-09 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Garbis Der-Yeghian, PDG - Rotary Peace Conference
2010-03-14 Sun 03:00 PM   Family bowling party at Covina Bowl! Bring your family/kids, grandkids, etc. We will have Pizza for all.
2010-03-16 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Don Herring, YWCA - Meals On Wheels
2010-03-23 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Lilly Jimenez, Literacy Coordinator - Covina Public Library
2010-03-30 Tue 07:15 AM   Annual Police and Fire Awards
2010-03-31 Wed 05:30 AM   Planning meeting - Shake, Rattle and Roll - Hugh Ledford's house-1034 Deepview, Covina
2010-04-06 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Mark Beck - The Challenge of Multiple Sclerosis
2010-04-12 Mon 06:00 PM   Covina Christmas Parade. Dinner from Old World Deli & bring a dessert to share. Beer & Wine from Azo Vino Gallery. Cheer on John Espinoza & the Interact Club in the Parade. Meet at Azo Vino Gallery
2010-04-13 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Ogie Shaw - Childhood Obesity
2010-04-13 Tue 05:30 PM   9th Annual Covina Trivia Showdown Challenge - Taste of Texas
2010-04-18 Sun 03:00 PM   "Life Could Be A Dream" Hudson Theatre, Hollywood
2010-04-20 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Ruben Estrada, Business Coach with Estrada Strategies
2010-04-27 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Don Maedel - Last Minute Briefing for "Shake Rattle & Roll" fundraiser.
2010-05-01 Sat 05:30 PM   Fundraiser: Shake, Rattle and Roll @ A1 Party Rentals
2010-05-04 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Raymond E. Foster (LAPD ret.) - The Web for Leaders
2010-05-04 Tue 11:30 AM   VIP lunch at Cedar Grove Elementary School
2010-05-11 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Gene Hernandez (PDG), Greg Jones (Pasadena Sunrise Secretary)rn- Slide presentation "The Road to India / The End of Polio"rn[DON'T MISS THIS!!!]
2010-05-18 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Cliff Palmentiero - Low Water Landscaping
2010-05-25 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Sue Enlow - - Identifying Child Predators
2010-05-27 Thu 10:00 AM   Birthday celebration at The Rowland
2010-06-01 Tue 07:00 AM  Speaker Operation Santa Clothes - After Glow
2010-06-08 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Richard Morley, Exec. Dir. MSAC Foundation - Philanthropy and Legacy Planning
2010-06-10 Thu     District Conference in Henderson, NV
2010-06-15 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Sal Chatfield - Craft Talk
2010-06-20 Sun     Rotary International Convention in Montreal Canada
2010-06-22 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker TBA
2010-06-29 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Phil Huisman (626)852-7630 - Shepherd's Pantry - Feeding the homeless
2010-07-06 Tue     MEETING IS DARK!!! Only those without a clue should show up.
2010-07-10 Sat 05:00 PM   Kickout Party - President Hammett (at his house)
2010-07-13 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Philbert Wong - The Metro/Gold Line Project - 213-922-2642
2010-07-20 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Ann Stromberg - 909-626-5522 - Working in Peru with the Chijnaya Foundation
2010-07-27 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Kim Raney, Covina Police Chief (626)858-4413 - Marijuana clinics and legislation
2010-08-05 Thu 06:00 PM   Picnic in Covina Park - CSR being honored by Covina Concert Band
2010-08-10 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker John King, Covina City Councilman - State of the City in "interesting" times
2010-08-17 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Mark Seay, Former NFL Wide Receiver (909)733-5437 - Perseverance Through Adversity
2010-08-24 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Kathy Salerno, - Giving Kids a chance to live a life of character.
2010-08-26 Thu 10:00 AM   Group Birthday Party for residents at Rowland Convalescent Hospital.
2010-08-28 Sat     Pool Party at Judy's house. Bring your kids & grand kids for fun play in Judy's newly renovated Salt Water Pool. Food: Potluck - bring a salad, appetizer, dessert for everyone to share.
2010-08-31 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Dr. CK Lin of PhD Local Marketing (949)243-0887 - Using new technology to recruit members.
2010-09-07 Tue    Speaker Presentation by Interact club from Covina High School
2010-09-11 Sat     District Leadership Seminar. Leadership, Foundation & Membership seminars at Etiwanda Gardens. From 8:30am to Noon. Light breakfast served. Register on District Website.
2010-09-11 Sat 04:00 PM   Texas Hold 'Em Poker Tournament - At A1 Party Rentals (see home page)
2010-09-14 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Lindsey Anderson, "Vaulter" Rides horseback doing gymnastic moves. Will show a slide show first and then move to the parking lot and show some moves "live" on a practice barrel.
2010-09-18 Sat 07:00 AM   Cleanup project at Rowland Convalescent.
2010-09-21 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker John Noguez, Rotarian, Mayor Huntington Park, Special Agent Los Angeles County Assessor (213)974-3101 - What can the Assessor's Office do for me?
2010-09-23 Thu 06:30 PM   Rotary Night Out- Dinner at Canyon City BBQ, 347 N San Gabriel Blvd, Azusa, CA 91702 626-815-4227
2010-09-28 Tue 07:10 AM  Speaker Kathy Benton, ED Stepping Stone for Women. Mission: transformation of single mothers and their children from cycles of hopelessness to the joy of faith and stability. Stepping Stones opened in 2002 as a transitional program for homeless single mothers and their children. It has expanded program from shelter environment to services program that provide education, career help, food & clothi
2010-10-05 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Jane Allison Austin (Rotarian), elder care advocate and attorney (347)284-6158. Founder of Topic: The importance of taking care of our seniors in the community, how it affects you as a business owner and a community leader and what to do if you suddenly have to move Grandma or Grandpa into your home. (NO SHOW)
2010-10-12 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Greg Benton, Attorney from "Law Talk" on (626)963-2474 - Elder Abuse.
2010-10-14 Thu 03:00 PM   Blanket Making: We are making blankets for all the residents of the Rowland together with the Interact Club. Meet at Covina High at 3PM. Contact Pam Pomeroy for more details
2010-10-14 Thu 06:30 PM   Rotary Night Out- Dinner at Giovanni's Restaurant, 143 N Citrus, Covina. RSVP to Lone 626-893-7395
2010-10-19 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Gina Livengood and Alex Barretto, The Neptune Society (626)859-3291 - "Before the Afterlife"
2010-10-22 Fri     Interact Symposium for High School Students. Friday to Sunday at the Boy Scout Camp in Irvine. Contact John Espinoza for more info.
2010-10-26 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Forrest Rosenbach, Asst. Field Director (818)415-8094, Medical Marijuana Clinics and Proposition 19.
2010-11-02 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Joe Ditzel, comedian (213)804-0105 - "Joe Ditzel Has Some Problems" - a combination of clean stand-up comedy and solid problem-solving techniques.
2010-11-09 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Dr. Ann Croissant, San Gabriel Mountains Regional Conservancy - Projects underway from the mountains through the valley.
2010-11-16 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Darren Murphy (Coach Northview HS Baseball), and Joe Hernandez (donor of 1966 Mustang), and related players (626)926-0451. Joe Hernandez has given his classic car to the team for a raffle in order to improve the conditions of their field. You may buy a ticket for $20 and help support their cause.
2010-11-16 Tue 08:45 AM   Tex Everson Board Meeting
2010-11-18 Thu 03:00 PM   Blanket Making. We are making blankets for the residents of the Rowland together with Interact. Meet at Covina High at 3pm. Contact Pam Pomeroy for more info.
2010-11-18 Thu 06:00 PM   Rotary Night Out. Dinner at Golden Spur. Meet at Restaurant at 6:00pmrnRSVP to or sign up at our regular meetings.
2010-11-22 Mon 06:00 PM   Brochure redesign meeting @ Hamilton's
2010-11-23 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker John Meeks, Craft Talk rnPLUS Lone Sorenson, TLC
2010-11-25 Thu 11:00 AM   Thanksgiving Dinner at Rayne. Help share the Thanksgiving Feast with our neighbors in need. For more info contact Pam and Jon Pomeroy.
2010-11-30 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Mara Protas, RN, BSN, EFTCert, (626)209-1190 - Tap Therapy, helping you achieve wellness using EFT
2010-12-04 Sat 06:00 PM   Covina Christmas Parade. Meet for dinner from Old World Deli at Azo Vino. Cheer on John Espinoza & the Interact Club from Covina High in the Parade. Please bring a dessert to share. Wine & Beer from Azo Vino. Please rsvp to Lone 626-893-7395
2010-12-07 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker District Governor.rnNOTE: MEETING LOCATION MOVED: Hamilton's Restaurant
2010-12-09 Thu 03:00 PM   Blanket Making. Finish all the blankets for the Rowland residents. Meet at Covina High at 3pm. For more info contact Pam Pomeroy.
2010-12-09 Thu 05:30 PM   Rotary Night Out - At Covina High School with the Interact Club. We will celebrate with the students after finishing the blankets for Rowland residents and the Stockings for the Troops overseas. We will have pizza and salad & dessert.
2010-12-12 Sun 06:00 PM   Xmas Party @ Golden Spur
2010-12-14 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Dave Little, San Dimas Sheriff's Station - Mountain Rescue Techniques and Tales
2010-12-16 Thu 03:00 PM   Christmas Party at the Rowland. Pass out the blankets to the residents. Meet at the Rowland at 3pm. For more info contact Pam Pomeroy.
2010-12-21 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker St. Nick, HOLIDAY XMAS PARTY
2010-12-28 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker MEETING IS DARK - Happy Holidays!
2011-01-04 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Francis Fong, father of 10 year old cancer survivor ( - Finding Courage and Hope
2011-01-11 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Shannon Hidalgo - Craft Talk
2011-01-13 Thu 06:00 PM   Meeting for fundraiser @ Judy's.
2011-01-14 Fri 02:00 PM   Shen Yen Performing Arts at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion
2011-01-18 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Bruce Jugan (Rotarian), Healthcare Advocate (323)721-9121 - Healthcare Reform and Today's Lifestyle
2011-01-19 Wed 06:00 PM   Party and drawing @ Azo for Laker Raffle Ticket holders.
2011-01-25 Tue 07:10 AM  Speaker The Chosen Children of Promise. Danielle Shelton. Purpose: To assist orphaned or abandoned children through families that provide care to them by empowering them with services and trainings that focus on their spiritual and physical needs. Kawangware is a slum in the West part of Nairobi, Kenya. It is inhabited by over 300,000 people. Like any other slum, it is characterized by a high
2011-02-01 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Jason A. VanderPal, General Manager Hollywood Guitar Center (310)701-2316 - "Facing The Public"
2011-02-05 Sat 07:00 PM   Nite Out: "Tribute to the Apollo" at the Covina Performing Arts Center.
2011-02-08 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Rebecca Weaver, Foothill Communities New Generations Club (909)908-1613 - How the New Generations Clubs are re-vitalizing Rotary and how Rotary Clubs benefit from them.
2011-02-10 Thu 06:30 PM   Rotary Night Out. More info to follow
2011-02-15 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Nancy Lewis, City of Hope (213)241-7134 - Amazing Changes in Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment
2011-02-22 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Invisible Children. A very special presentation about the Horrible crimes committed in Uganda against Children - who are forced to become soldiers - or get killed... Several young people from Uganda will present personal stories about the atrocities.
2011-02-23 Wed     Rotary's 106th Anniversary
2011-03-01 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Steve Slakey, ULV Geography Educator (626)914-3294 - Effects of the Tex Everson EYE-DAS grant.
2011-03-04 Fri 08:00 AM   RYLA Camp. From 3/04 to 3/06/2010 at Astrocamp
2011-03-08 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Mario Gonzalez, Port of Los Angeles (562)499-3427 - Will be showing us how the Port of Long Beach has become one of the world's busiest seaports now in its Centennial year.
2011-03-11 Fri 04:00 PM   Interact Bowling Challenge @ Covina Bowl
2011-03-15 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Jordan Mills, Covina Jewelry & Loan (626)332-1045 - The Reality of REAL Pawn Shops
2011-03-22 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Mark Simmons, Sommelier - Wine Selection for Dummies
2011-03-29 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker 10th Annual Police and Fireman awards presentation.
2011-03-31 Thu 06:00 PM   Shake Rattle & Roll Committee Meeting
2011-04-02 Sat     BODTS -- Board of Directors Training Seminars in Etiwanda (see District site for details)
2011-04-05 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Dr. Fahed Bitar, Foothill Cardiology (626)915-4700 - Peripheral Arterial Disease: Defend yourself against heart attack and stroke with this vital program.
2011-04-12 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Steve Slakey, Docent Los Angeles Conservancy (626)914-3294 - Old Theater and Downtown LA historic buildings.
2011-04-14 Thu 06:00 PM   Shake Rattle & Roll Committee Meeting
2011-04-16 Sat 09:00 AM   District Assembly, Victor Valley College, Victorville.
2011-04-19 Tue 07:00 AM  Speaker Afterglow - The club will be honoring and thanking those individuals,groups and businesses who have donated $1000 or more to Operation Santa Clothes.
2011-04-21 Thu 06:00 PM   Shake Rattle & Roll Committee Meeting
2011-04-26 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Luis Chacon - Shake Rattle and Roll - Final Shakedown
2011-04-30 Sat 06:00 PM   Shake, Rattle and Roll - Fundraiser at A1 Party Rentals warehouse
2011-05-03 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Jeff Pierce - Stifel, Nicolaus & Company, (949)252-1324 - "The Writings of Warren Buffet"
2011-05-10 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Chris King, Principal Sonrise Christian School (626)331-0559 - Education Reforms
2011-05-14 Sat 06:00 AM   Super Build with other District Clubs ( Mexico)
2011-05-17 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Dr. Nina Getz, O.D. (626)446-1600 Phillips Eye Center - What to expect at the DMV - Driving tips for Seniors.
2011-05-22 Sun 09:00 AM   International Convertion, New Orleans, LA. From 5/22 to 5/25/2011
2011-05-24 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Charlie Kraal, Covina Rotary Club - Recollections of surviving in WWII Concentration Camps.
2011-06-02 Thu 11:59 AM   Interact Kick-out event - Covina High
2011-06-02 Thu 06:00 PM   Shake Rattle and Roll wrap-up meeting at Judy's
2011-06-07 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Dr. Fahed Bitar, Foothill Cardiology (626)915-4700 - New treatments of heart blockages.
2011-06-09 Thu     District Conference, La Jolla Marriott. From 6/09 to 6/12/11
2011-06-14 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Dr. Bill Tang, CVHP (626)814-2423 - The wonders of the DaVinci surgical robot.
2011-06-15 Wed 07:00 AM   Board Meeting: "State of the Club" - Luis Chacon
2011-06-21 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker John Tulac, Claremont Rotary (909)445-1100 - The Rotary Water Project
2011-06-24 Fri 06:00 PM   Kickout Party - at Agriscapes Visitor Center next to the Cal Poly Farm Store at Kellogg Ranch - 4102 S. University Drive Pomona 91768. Map is at
2011-06-28 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Dennis M. Chiappetta, Athens Waste Services (626)336-3636 - Big changes in waste disposal industry
2011-07-05 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker NONE... MEETING IS DARK!
2011-07-09 Sat 09:16 AM   Walking Tour of Los Angeles Downtown historic buildings. Metrolink @ 9:16AM returns 4:38PM. With Steve Slakey, Docent Los Angeles Conservancy (626)914-3294
2011-07-12 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Georgia Thompson, Bienvenidos Children's Center (626)430-9114
2011-07-19 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Phil Huisman, Director Shepherd's Pantry (626)852-7630 - Feeding the Needy
2011-07-23 Sat 08:00 AM   Santa Fe Dam Cleanup - with the SGV Mountain Conservancy (till 11:00am)
2011-07-26 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Larry Hartmann (626)330-5694 - Industry Hills Charity Pro Rodeo
2011-08-02 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Zoe TeBeau, certified appraiser, (909)996-1361 - Antiques Roadshow! Bring in your weird old stuff.
2011-08-04 Thu 06:30 PM   Picnic @ Covina Park: The Concert Band dedicates their concert to CSR. Food & Drinks & Fun!
2011-08-09 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Bob Spence, District 5300 Scouting Coordinator (909)816-5589 - Scouting and Rotary synergy.
2011-08-16 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Jeff Taverner, owner Gunslinger's Gun Shop (626)914-7010 - Antique Gun Collecting (Bring in your weapons!)
2011-08-20 Sat 08:30 AM   Membership/Rotary Foundation/Public Relations/International Service Training Seminars for California, Etiwanda Gardens
2011-08-20 Sat 02:00 PM   Angel's Baseball Game to benefit Polio Plus
2011-08-23 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Dr. Ann Croissant, San Gabriel Mountains Regional Conservancy - The Santa Fe Dam project and other events.
2011-08-30 Tue 07:15 AM   MEETING IS DARK!!!!!
2011-08-31 Wed 09:15 AM   Board Meeting with District Governor - SHCC
2011-08-31 Wed 12:00 PM   Joint Club Meeting with Covina Noon and West Covina Noon - District Governor's Visit
2011-09-06 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Dr. Shizhong Chen, Oriental Culture and Media Center ((626)458-1328 - The Renaissance of Chinese Culture
2011-09-10 Sat 04:00 PM   Texas Hold Em Poker Tournament - A1 Rentals
2011-09-13 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Jennifer Hicks (909)592-2282 - The Kaleidoscope Project: healthy communities through civic engagement.
2011-09-15 Thu 05:00 PM   TLC - Get Student Applications from Schools and Start the Interview ProcessrnDescription and More information: http://www.dist​​c/more details»
2011-09-25 Sun 02:00 PM   Pool Party at Judy's house. Bring your kids & grand kids for fun play in Judy's newly renovated Salt Water Pool -- and we get to see her new kitchen and family room!! rnFood: Potluck - bring a salad, appetizer, dessert for everyone to share. Club will provide hamburgers and hotdogs.
2011-09-27 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Dr. Fahed Bitar, Foothill Cardiology (626)915-4700 - TOPIC TBA
2011-10-01 Sat 05:00 PM   TLC - Send Parental Consent for Participation and Medical Treatment to Registrar
2011-10-04 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Dan Nguyen, (626)339-6463 - Mind and body empowerment
2011-10-07 Fri     Movie Night with Interact. Time & place tbd
2011-10-11 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Craft talks - Shannon Hidalgo and George Fuller
2011-10-18 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Dr. Theresa Santos (, GOTR Team L.A. - The Rock and Roll half Marathon
2011-10-19 Wed 04:00 PM   "USING SOCIAL MEDIA TO PROMOTE YOUR CLUB" - Basic webinar CLICK HERE
2011-10-21 Fri 04:00 PM   October 21-23, 2011 - Seven District Interact SymposiumrnIrvine Outdoor Education Center, Orange, CArnDistricts 5240, 5260, 5280, 5300, 5320, 5330 & 5340
2011-10-25 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker CLUB ASSEMBLY
2011-10-29 Sat 06:00 PM   Howling Halloween Bash.rnCostume contest, games and lots of fun.rnMexican Buffet, Margaritas & More.rnHosted by Pam & Jon Pomeroy at Rayne Water.
2011-11-01 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Joyce Gibbons (866)471-4072 - Long term care planning
2011-11-04 Fri 09:00 AM   Nov 4-6, 2011 - TLC, OEC, Orange.
2011-11-08 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker David Ligtenberg, Inland Valley Hope Partners (909)622-3806
2011-11-13 Sun 01:00 PM   ZONE INSTITUTE 25 & 26 PEACE CONFERENCE, Palm Springs Convention Center, 1:00 - 4:30 PMrnFor more information go to:
2011-11-15 Tue 07:10 AM  Speaker Living a Life You Really Love -Amanda Behnke - founder of Extraordinary Possibilities. Extraordinary Possibilities provides individual, group, and business coaching. Coaching is utilized to move your life from ordinary to extraordinary. Her role is to assist you in striving for personal excellence. rn
2011-11-16 Wed 04:00 PM   "USING SOCIAL MEDIA TO PROMOTE YOUR CLUB" - Advanced Webinar CLICK HERE
2011-11-17 Thu 03:30 PM   Stockings for Troops. Interact & CSR will once again make stockings with goodies for our soldiers serving over-seas. We buy the supplies, you help stuff the stockings...
2011-11-17 Thu 06:00 PM   Rotarian Night Out at Old World Deli from 6-8pm at 2648 E. Workman.
2011-11-24 Thu 11:00 AM   Thanksgiving at Rayne. Bring food & come help serve a great Thanksgiving Dinner to our neighbors in need. Please coordinate your food donation and your serving schedule with Pam Pomeroy
2011-11-29 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Sunil Merchant, Sunny's Home Theater & Music (626)966-6259 - The State of the Art in Home Theater Systems
2011-12-03 Sat 05:00 PM   Covina Christmas Parade. Rotary Night Out at Azo Vino. Come cheer for the Interact Club & John Espinoza who will be in the parade. More info to follow.
2011-12-04 Sun 12:00 PM   Theater Matinee with West Covina Sunrise Club.
2011-12-06 Tue 07:15 AM   MEETING MOVED to Millie's Restaurant on Citrus.
2011-12-08 Thu 03:30 PM   Christmas Party & Talent Show. Come support our Interact Club as they entertain the residents of Rowland Convalescent.
2011-12-13 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Marcia Fuller (626)858-0057 - Dyslexia: Curse or Blessing?
2011-12-15 Thu 06:30 PM   CSR Holiday Party @ Giovanni's
2011-12-20 Tue 07:00 AM   Holiday Breakfast Party @SHCC - With Santa and the Kiddies and entertainment! rnRemember- it's 15 minutes earlier than usual meetings.
2011-12-26 Mon 08:00 AM   Rose Parade Float - Interact Club will decorate the Fiesta Floats December 26 through New Years Eve. We need people to help decorate every day. And we need a couple of people for security on New Years Eve at the Parade. Join the Interact Club for lots of fun adding flowers, seeds, leaves etc to a real Rose Parade Float. Great opportunity for the whole family to help. This is a major fundraiser
2011-12-27 Tue 07:15 AM   MEETING IS DARK!!!! Happy Holidays!
2012-01-03 Tue 07:15 AM   Back to Rotary - No speaker scheduled
2012-01-10 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Debra Boudreaux, CEO Tzu Chi Medical Foundation (626)487-4849 - Global and local Disaster relief.
2012-01-14 Sat 02:00 PM   Shen Yen Performing Arts at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion
2012-01-17 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Kommah 'Koko' McDowell, (626)858-8326 - Inflamatory Breast Cancer Survivor
2012-01-18 Wed 07:15 AM   Club Board Meeting - Millies
2012-01-21 Sat 08:00 AM   LA Food Bank. We need 3 or 4 Rotarians to transport Interact Students to the LA Food Bank. Help provide a great service to a lot of needy people. We will be sorting and packing fruits, vegatables, can goods etc. We will not know exact assignment until we arrive at the Food Bank.
2012-01-24 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Heather S. Friedman Rivera RN, JD, PhD, Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, - The Healing Benefits of Past Life Regression Therapy
2012-01-26 Thu 06:00 PM   Rotary Night Out - Canyon City BBQ in Glendora
2012-01-27 Fri 05:00 PM   1/27-29/2012 - President's Advance, Lake Arrowhead, CA
2012-01-31 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Dr. Theresa Santos (, GOTR Team L.A
2012-01-31 Tue 05:00 PM   Dan Stover Music Competition, Entry fee Received by District Office
2012-02-04 Sat 10:00 AM   Tour of Nethercutt Collection, 15200 Bledsoe Street, Sylmar 91342rnTour begins at 10:00 am sharp. Lunch decision to be made there.rnRSVP to Fullers at or 626-858-0057
2012-02-07 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Syndi Cantillion-Coleman, (949)388-1578 - Unlocking the potential of picture thinking people. (proj)
2012-02-10 Fri 11:00 AM   Bowling Practice - Get ready to take on the Interact Club. Exact date & time to follow.
2012-02-14 Tue 07:15 AM   "Four Way Test" speech contest.
2012-02-17 Fri 01:00 PM   CSR vs Interact Club Bowling Tournament. Exact date & time to follow. Start working out now!!
2012-02-18 Sat     BODTS, California, University of PhoenixrnWhen: Saturday, Feb 18, 2012rnWhere: 3110 E. Guasti Rd, Ontario, CA 91761
2012-02-21 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Dr. Hechanova, Cardiologist (626) 254-0074 - National Heart Month - New treatments available for heart attack.
2012-02-24 Fri     PETS, President Elect Training Seminar, LAX MarriottrnWhen: Feb 24 – 26, 2012rnWhere:5855 West Century Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA
2012-02-28 Tue 07:15 AM   Police and Firefighter awards meeting
2012-03-02 Fri 10:00 AM   3/2-4/2012 - RYLA Camp
2012-03-06 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Jimmy Weldon, the last actor remaining from the Yogi Bear cartoon. (818)761-4767 - Why We Love America
2012-03-13 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Norma Murakami, A Women's Care Center (909)628-6848 - A new organization in our community!
2012-03-20 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Dan Stover Music Competition. Also, Musical Trivia Competition!
2012-03-24 Sat     17th Annual Peace Conference, Victor Valley CollegeWhenSaturday, Mar 24, 2012rnWhere: 18422 Bear Valley Road, Victorville, CArnDescription: http://www.dist​​aceconference/i​ndex.html
2012-03-27 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Josh Labbe U.S.Army (323)839-0858. You do not want to miss this one!
2012-04-03 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Jay Jones, PhD, Prof of Biology ULV (909)593-3511x4040 - A view of the future - natural resources, economy, lifestyle, and technology.
2012-04-07 Sat 07:00 AM   KSIB Cancer WalkrnRegistration 7am, Walk 8 to 10:30, Food Truck Festival 10:30rnWhere: Toyota Speedway in Irwindale at 500 Speedway Dr. 91706 next to 605 FWY
2012-04-10 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Diane Wilkinson, Braille Institute 626-335-3937 - Vision is worse, life is good!
2012-04-17 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Chad Schmidt-Fitness instructor From Lean Fitness 323-432-6246.rnALSO: RYLA students feedback.rnALSO: Our "George Hensel Essay" contestant reads their entry.
2012-04-19 Thu 04:00 PM   Bowling competition with Interact Club @ Covina Bowl.
2012-04-24 Tue 07:00 AM   Operation Santa Clothes Afterglow - Giving thanks to our donors and friends!
2012-04-28 Sat 06:00 PM   Shake, Rattle and Roll - Annual Fundraiser at A1 Party & Rentals
2012-05-01 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker John Caprarelli, LAPD Retired ( - My Life in the LAPD and The North Hollywood Shootout.
2012-05-08 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Robert C. Potter (626)919-8071 - Craft Talk "Big Changes in your Insurance"
2012-05-15 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Mike Hendricks, Superintendent, Charter Oak USD (626)966-8331 x202 - How I spent My Winter Break (in the Himalayas).
2012-05-17 Thu     Rotary and friends at "Chili's Night" fundraiser in Eastland Mall from 11am to 11pm.
2012-05-19 Sat     Super Build - More information: http://www.dist​
2012-05-22 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Abraham Lincoln (portrayed by Robert Broski) (909)227-2531 - The challenges of the Presidency.
2012-05-29 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Andrew Johnson, Habitat for Humanity (909)399-0202 - Hope for the Homeless
2012-05-31 Thu     District ConferencernLake Arrowhead Resort: 27984 Hwy 189, Lake Arrowhead, CArnMore information: http://www.dist​
2012-06-05 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Bill Harford, Inland Valley Humane Society & SPCA (909)623-9777 - Animal CSI and forensics.
2012-06-12 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Lon LeBlanc, CFP (909)801-6616 - Maximizing Social Security benefits for retirement.
2012-06-19 Tue    Speaker Bob Orso & Kathy Ennis: Covina Arts Commission. Events for children in Covina Parks to get children involved in the arts.
2012-06-26 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Monica Moriera, Ettie Lee Youth & Family Services
2012-07-07 Sat 05:30 PM   Kickout @ Terry's House
2012-07-10 Tue 07:15 AM   Program: OSC scholarships and recipients.
2012-07-17 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Jayne Foote, Veolia Environmental Services (626)334-5117 - Recycling hazardous waste locally and worldwide.
2012-07-18 Wed     Board MeetingrnMillie's Restaurant
2012-07-22 Sun 02:00 PM   CSR is hosting it's 1st Annual Chili Cook Offrnto be held at Azo Vino, 144 W Badillo, Covina Sunday, July 22 2-5 pmrn$5 tasting /$10 entry fee (includes 2 tickets to event)
2012-07-28 Sat     Covina Sunrise Rotary/Downtown Association Yard Sale, in parking lot behind Covina City Hall. From 8:00 am-2:00 pm.
2012-07-31 Tue 07:05 AM  Speaker April Kelsey, Earthquake Solutions (626)256-7000 - Get Ready for The Earthquake (need proj/screen)
2012-08-06 Mon 05:30 PM   Rotary Night Out at Golden Spur, 1223 E. Route 66, Glendora. Happy Hour at 5:30, dinner thereafter.
2012-08-07 Tue     Interact Retreat, Lake Arrowhead, August 7 through August 9, 2012.
2012-08-07 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Karen Cancilla, groOrganic LLC (855)538-7476 - Everything You've Wanted to Know About Organic Foods
2012-08-14 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Howard Hawkins,Esq. CFP, (909)593-1388 - Planning now for your death.
2012-08-15 Wed     Board meetingrnMillie's Restaurant
2012-08-21 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Charles Lee, Bridges (909)623-6651 - Homeless Youth (**NO SHOW**)
2012-08-24 Fri 05:00 PM   Wine Trolley Tour in Old Town Orange
2012-08-28 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Brenda Gafin, Morgan Thermal Ceramics (562)505-5989 - Fire control technologies
2012-09-04 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Linda Logan, Covina Rotary Club (626)332-2978 - Field of Valor
2012-09-08 Sat 03:30 PM   Angel's Rotary Night to end Polio. Angel Stadium
2012-09-08 Sat 04:00 PM   Texas Hold'Em Poker Tournament...$100 buy in (includes dinner & drinks).. $25 dinner only rnHeld at A-1 Party Rentals, 251 W Front St, Covina...Dinner provided by Giovanni's...rnProceeds benefit Operation Santa Clothes & Tex Everson Humanitarian EndowmentrnContact any Covina Sunrise Rotary member for tickets!
2012-09-11 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Tracy Stohl, VP Marketing San Antonio Gardens (909)399-1208 - Downsizing in the golden years.
2012-09-13 Thu 06:00 PM   Rotary Night Out at Aldolino Italian Restaurant, 659 E. Arrow Highway, Azusa. Dinner and fellowship at 6:00 pm.
2012-09-18 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker District Governor Sylvia Whitlock
2012-09-19 Wed     Board MeetingrnMillie's Restaurant
2012-09-22 Sat     Rotary Foundation Membership & PR SeminarrnUniversity of Phoenix, 3110 E. Guasti Rd, Ontario
2012-09-25 Tue    Speaker Louanne Arredondo, CEO, LA Business Consultants, LLC, www.labc-llc.comrnA commonly misunderstood term. PR is not just a process, it is an effective tool that can be used to build clubs, build relationships, and modernize the way we work.
2012-09-25 Tue 11:30 AM   VIP Lunch at Cedargrove Elmentary School
2012-09-26 Wed 06:00 PM   Fundraiser Committee Meeting at Fuller's -- 471 W. Center St., Covina, CA
2012-10-02 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker John Teran (626)915-7006 - Wall Street VS Main Street - Supply and Demand VS traditional investment theory.
2012-10-03 Wed 06:00 PM   Membership Committee Meeting, Fuller's Kitchen, 471 W. Center St., Covina
2012-10-04 Thu 06:00 PM   Rotary Night Out, Fonda Don Chon, Shopper's Lane
2012-10-07 Sun 02:00 PM   Sinatra and Bassie at the Sands. Citrus College
2012-10-09 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Susan Callens, RN, PHN (626) 488-1688 - Diabetes: The New Plague
2012-10-16 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Shirley Lin ( - Shen Yun Performing Art
2012-10-17 Wed     Board MeetingrnMillie's Restaurant
2012-10-19 Fri     Interact SymposiumrnIrvine Ranch Outdoor Education Center, Irvine
2012-10-23 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Eric Garton, Biologist at Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Garden, Claremont - "Sex in the Garden"!
2012-10-27 Sat 06:00 PM   CSR Halloween Social, Azo Vino, 144 W. Badillo St., Covina
2012-10-30 Tue    Speaker Greg Jones. Wheelchair distribution in Mexico. See how a wheelchair can drastically change the life of a disabled person.
2012-10-30 Tue 11:30 AM   VIP Lunch at Cedargrove Elementary School
2012-10-30 Tue 06:00 PM   Membership/Public Relations Combined Committee Meeting, Fuller's Kitchen
2012-11-02 Fri     Teen Leadership CamprnIrvine Ranch Outdoor Education Center, Irvine
2012-11-03 Sat 10:00 AM   Field Trip to Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden, adjacent to the Claremont Colleges. See the native plants described by our speaker, Eric Garton: it's their Fall Planting Festival, 10 AM - 4 PM.
2012-11-06 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Dr. William Choctaw, MD (626)938-1165 (needs-laptop/proj) - Transforming the Patient Experience at CVHP.
2012-11-13 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Rosemarie Joyce (562)544-1347 - Rotoplast, Reconstructive Surgery for Children
2012-11-13 Tue 03:30 PM   Deadline for donations for Stocking Stuffing for Troops at Covina High School; send to Q-30 or to D. Oshiro.
2012-11-14 Wed 07:15 AM   Board meeting at Millie's Restaurant, Citrus & Puente,
2012-11-15 Thu 04:00 PM   Stuff Stockings for our troops together with the Interact Club. At Covina High School, Career Center
2012-11-15 Thu 06:00 PM   Rotary Night Out at Stella Dog Restaurant. Downtown Covina on Citrus (in the old Bicycle store)
2012-11-16 Fri 04:30 PM   Thanksgiving Dinner at Rowland - we will serve dinner together with the Interact Club
2012-11-20 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Adina Silva, Prevention Coordinator (626)331-5316 - The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence of San Gabriel and Pomona Valleys. (need proj)
2012-11-27 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Jim Hester LCDR USN Ret. (626)856-3657 - The Dangers of Volunteering
2012-11-27 Tue 11:30 AM   VIP Lunch at Cedargrove Elementary School
2012-12-01 Sat 06:00 PM   Covina Christmas Parade
2012-12-11 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Nyron McLean, Founder H3Missions,Inc. (951)534-4634 - Help For Hurting Humanity (needs proj/spkr)
2012-12-13 Thu 03:30 PM   CSR/Covina High School Interact Christmas Party at the Rowland
2012-12-15 Sat 00:00 PM   Pre-Pets. Presidents Elect trainingrnUniversity of Phoenix, Ontariorn
2012-12-15 Sat 06:00 PM   CSR Christmas Party, Tennant's Recollections, 783 W. Front St., Covina. Details to follow.
2012-12-18 Tue 11:30 AM   VIP Lunch at Cedargrove Elementary School
2012-12-19 Wed     Board Meeting
2012-12-20 Thu     CSR Family Christmas Breakfast Party!
2012-12-25 Tue 07:15 AM   MEETING IS DARK!!!! Happy Holidays!
2013-01-01 Tue 07:15 AM   MEETING IS DARK!!!! Happy Holidays!
2013-01-08 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Gene Sacco, American Legion, 626.872.1667 - Tales of the American Legion
2013-01-16 Wed     Board MeetingrnMillie's Restaurant
2013-01-16 Wed 05:30 PM   Operation Santa Clothes Reception & Drawing of Winning ticket for the Laker's Tickets. At Azo Vino. for ticket buyers only.
2013-01-21 Mon 06:00 PM   CSR Fundraiser Committee Meeting (actually, all interested parties); Fuller's Kitchen, come and eat and help decide.
2013-01-22 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Laura Herzog, Fallen Heroes (626)796-6359,
2013-01-27 Sun 12:30 PM   Lakers vs. OKC Thunder for winner of the OSC tickets
2013-01-29 Tue 07:15 AM   Dr. Richard Shope, Ed.D, (562)201-7889 Program Development Consultant for The Youth Science Center - The Future of Science and Our Youth
2013-02-05 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Lisa Brabo, Ph.D., LExecutive Director, YWCA San Gabriel Valleyrn
2013-02-10 Sun 03:00 PM   Concert to End PoliornSegerstrom Concert Hall, Costa Mesa
2013-02-11 Mon 06:30 PM   Rotary Night Out at Golden Spur, 1223 E. Route 66, Glendora 91740
2013-02-12 Tue    Speaker 4-way Speech Contest & RYLA students will visit prior to their camp experience.
2013-02-16 Sat 08:30 AM   BODTS 2012 Seminars. Board of Directors Training - Etiwanda Gardens, 7576 Etiwanda Ave,Rancho Cucamonga, CArnrn
2013-02-18 Mon 06:00 PM   SRR Committee at Fuller's, w/ sandwich, drink(s), and information.
2013-02-19 Tue    Speaker Mayor Stapleton - State of the City Address
2013-02-20 Wed     Board MeetingrnMillie's Restaurant
2013-02-21 Thu     PETS. President Elect Training SeminarrnLAX Marriott, 5855 West Century Blvd, Los Angeles
2013-02-26 Tue    Speaker Dan Stover Musical Competition. Several students will compete in this year's musical competition. Come and enjoy the enormous talent we have among the young people in our City.
2013-03-01 Fri     RYLA - AstroCamp Idyllwild, CA. Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) is an intensive, two-and-a-half-day leadership training program for high school juniors in District 5300 chosen for their leadership potential. rn
2013-03-02 Sat 10:00 AM   LA Conservancy Angelino Heights Tour with Steve Slakey
2013-03-04 Mon 06:00 PM   SRR Meeting,at Fullers, Chair Reports, RSVP.
2013-03-09 Sat     The Power of Youth to Promote Peace - Conference - 18th Annual. University Club, Pasadena, 9:00am-12:30pm
2013-03-12 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Steve Mathis, COO, Phantom Rivers Winery (805)481-9463 - Wine making for fun and profit. (need proj/computer)
2013-03-14 Thu 03:30 PM   Bowling CSR vs CHS Interact at Covina Bowl
2013-03-14 Thu 06:00 PM   rnRotary Night Out after CHS Interact bowling event at Old World Deli 6:00 to 8:30. RSVP Marcia
2013-03-19 Tue     RYLA students - after camp club visit
2013-03-19 Tue     Speaker “Rotary Rail & Water Tour 2013” - 45-day tour of clubs in 15 Districts to develop partnerships for water projects around the globe. Presented by Martina Frycova, Rotaract past president from Pilsen, Czech Republic (District 2240). She is working on new water projects for a school and clinic in Afghanistan
2013-03-20 Wed     Board MeetingrnMillie's Restaurant
2013-03-25 Mon 06:00 PM   SRR Committee Meeting, at Fuller's 6:00 pm. Subcommittee reports and rental requirements.
2013-03-26 Tue    Speaker Annual Police and Fire Awards. This year we have added a new award; Covina Sunrise Rotary Humanitarian Award. George Peterson will be the first recipient of this award, Please plan to attend this very special meeting.
2013-04-08 Mon 06:00 PM   SRR Committee Meeting, Judy Starns' Home, 6:00 pm. Status reports, setup processes. RSVP to Fullers by email or call.
2013-04-09 Tue    Speaker Debra Debra Tarbox, Principal, Cedargrove Elementary School. We will present her school with 100 books for the school library.
2013-04-16 Tue     OSC AfterGlow - please note we will start at 7:00AM. If you know anyone who might be interested in membership in the club, please bring them to this meeting. It will be a great introduction of what we do as a club for any potential members
2013-04-17 Wed     Board MeetingrnMillie's Restaurant
2013-04-20 Sat 08:30 AM   District Assembly, VICTOR VALLEY COLLEGE, 18422 Bear Valley Road, Victorville, CA 92395rnrn
2013-04-22 Mon     Final SRR Committe Meeting before our event; at Fuller's, at 6:00 pm. Set up will begin Thursday at Hurst Ranch, 4:00 pm-8:00 pm. Some Interact students will be helping; there's plenty of work--and the labor will continue on Friday, Saturday, and there will be clean-up on Sunday. Help whenever you are able, but help! SELL TICKETS!
2013-04-23 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Tom Kotzian - Hunting in California.
2013-04-27 Sat 06:00 PM   Fundraiser: "Snake, Rattle & Roll" - @ Hurst Ranch
2013-04-30 Tue 07:15 AM   George Fuller will have a few things to say about Snake, Rattle N' Roll. Be there, or you may be the next event planner.
2013-04-30 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Robert C. Potter (626)919-8071 - Amazing Moments in History!
2013-05-07 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Dr. Laurel Adler, ROPTC (626)962-5080
2013-05-14 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Kevin George (714)981-4038. Here to Serve - Non-profit who helps families deal with the financial and emotional stress of loved ones going through varioius medical problems. (Need projector)
2013-05-15 Wed     Board MeetingrnMillie's Restaurant
2013-05-16 Thu     District Conference, Town and Country Hotel, San DiegornMay 16th to May 19th
2013-05-19 Sun     Trip to Anza Heavenly Horse Ranch. We will take the Interact Club with us to the Horse Ranch, Sunday 5/19/13. We have room for 30 Interacters & 30 Rotarians (kids and grandkids are welcome). $10/person, includes bus, lunch and animal show. We will work on small project while there. BBQ hot dogs & hamburgers for lunch.Please RSVP to Pam Pomeroy - First come first serve..
2013-05-21 Tue    Speaker Katrina Moramarco, Executive Director Miss Covina Scholarship Organization, Miss Covina and Miss Covina Valley will also attend
2013-05-28 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Scott Edmunds, Interquest (626)284-6838 - Canine Partners in Security Ops
2013-06-04 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Rod Perryman (626)695-8175 - The History of the Hurst Ranch
2013-06-11 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker tamika Chacon - Human trafficking.
2013-06-18 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Scott Edmunds, Interquest (626)284-6838 - Canine Partners in Security Ops
2013-06-19 Wed     Board MeetingrnMillie's Restaurant
2013-06-23 Sun     International Convention, Lisbon, Portugal - June 23-26, 2013rn
2013-06-25 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Robert C. Potter, 915-8071 - All about history and other stuff in the past.
2013-06-29 Sat 06:00 PM   Kick Out/In at Wysocki's.
2013-07-02 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker David Little will speak about Tex Everson Foundation; we will also discuss 2013-14 planning and budget.
2013-07-09 Tue     BOD Planning Meeting--note the change: meeting will be at Don & Willie Crouse's!
2013-07-09 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Walt Allen, Mayor of Covina, - Hospice fundraiser
2013-07-16 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Craft Talk - Hobert Whirter, The Silver Spur Restaurant
2013-07-23 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Miles Petroff, District Governor; short CSR board meeting with District Governor following regular meeting.
2013-07-24 Wed 07:15 AM   CSR Board Meeting at Millie's; submit agenda items by email to George.
2013-07-29 Mon 06:00 PM   BOD Planning Session--please note the change: the meeting will be held at Don & Willie Crouse's!
2013-07-30 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Steve Flores, FBI (310)422-4128 - New methods of identity theft.
2013-08-05 Mon 08:00 AM   Interact Leadership Retreat, Arrowhead, August 5-7.
2013-08-06 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Octavie Ramsey, SCE (626)302-1156 - Topic: San Onofre and Energy Efficiency.
2013-08-13 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Bryan Guzman, The Mars Society ( - Manned exploration of Mars.
2013-08-17 Sat     Foundation, Leadership, Membership seminars. Location tbd
2013-08-20 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Shane Chapman, General Manager, Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District (626)443-2297 - Topic: The water supply for SGV. (need proj & computer)
2013-08-21 Wed 07:00 AM   BOD Meeting, Millie's.
2013-09-03 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker David Little, San Dimas Search and Rescue, new equipment and vehicle.
2013-09-10 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Tahir Khan, Senior Engineer @ LACO Sanitation District (562)908-4288 - Wastewater Management
2013-09-14 Sat 04:00 PM   CSR Texas Hold'em Poker Tournament, A-1 Party Events & Rentals, 4:00 pm-10:30 pm. Please assist in selling tickets. Get an early start!
2013-09-17 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Simone Porcu, National Alliance for Mental Illness (626)818-2604 - Schizophrenia research, new medications and legislation. (need proj)
2013-09-19 Thu 03:30 PM   Ronald McDonald House in Pasadena. Interact Club members to cook a spaghetti dinner for residents. Leave Covina High at 3:30 PM arrive home by 7:30 PM
2013-09-24 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Kit Chenault, Author (512)791-2225 - Covina of the Good Old Days (need proj)
2013-09-24 Tue 11:30 AM   VIP luncheon at Cedargrove Elementary School
2013-10-01 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Wayne Partee of Covina Rotary, will speak about Field of Valor and what we can do to help.
2013-10-08 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Kerry Anderson of Claremont Sunrise, Regional Membership Chair, will speak about the Ignite program.
2013-10-13 Sun     Work party at Heavenly Horse Haven in Anza with Covina Interact Students. Leave Covina High at 7 AM arrive at 9 AM return home by 6 PM.
2013-10-15 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Cynthia Kurtz, Director SGV Economic Partnership / SGV Tribune columnist (626)856-3400 - Analysis and projections for the San Gabriel Valley jobs market in the current economy.
2013-10-16 Wed 07:15 AM   CSR Board of Directors Meeting, Millies
2013-10-19 Sat 02:00 PM   Thunderfest - Beer Garden booth
2013-10-22 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Del Heintz, State Director, Charter Communications (626)430-3426 - It's not just about Cable TV anymore!
2013-10-29 Tue     CSR Regular Meeting. Please note that this meeting will be held at Millie's Restaurant. [A ladies' golf tourney will be using the entire building at SHCC 10/29.]
2013-10-29 Tue 11:30 AM   VIP luncheon at Cedargrove Elementary School
2013-11-03 Sun 02:00 PM   2nd Annual Chili Cook Off! to be held at Azo Vino, 144 W Badillo in Covina 2 pm Tickets $5.00 for tasting, $10 entry fee (includes 2 tasting tickets) Contact Shannon Hidalgo (626) 221-4486 for information or tickets!
2013-11-05 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Sal Chatfield, Craft Talk.
2013-11-12 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Charles Gustafson, Marriage and Family Therapist, (626)966-2662 - EMDR Therapy for trauma and PTSD.
2013-11-19 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Dawn Nelson, of the Covina Chamber of Commerce (626) 967-4191 - What's new at the Chamber?
2013-11-19 Tue 11:30 AM   VIP, Cedargrove School.
2013-11-19 Tue 06:00 PM   OSC Fundraiser at Azo Vino, 144 W. Badillo, Covina,6-8pm. Origami Owl living lockets and bracelets. rn
2013-11-20 Wed 07:15 AM   CSR Board of Directors Meeting, Millie's.
2013-11-21 Thu 04:00 PM   Christmas stocking stuffing for troops at Covina High School
2013-11-26 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Roland Cordero, Foothill Transit (626)931-7246 - The new movement to electric buses.
2013-11-28 Thu 11:00 AM   Thanksgiving Dinner at Rayne Water 1018 E. Cypress, Covina 11-3pm
2013-12-03 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Elton Chatfield, Veteranian - Healthcare for Man's Best Friend.rnNOTE: On 12/3, CSR will be displaced from SHCC due to a country club event; our meeting will be held at Bread & Barley Pub, 130 N. Citrus Ave., Downtown Covina.
2013-12-10 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Jamie Caldwell, Alosta Brewing Co. (626)470-7897 - Beer, it's not just for breakfast anymore.
2013-12-13 Fri 06:00 PM   CSR Christmas Dinner at the Golden Spur (buffet with prime rib, chicken and fish. The price will be $35 per person).
2013-12-17 Tue 07:15 AM   CSR is DARK!!! Well, actually just postponed until Thursday 12/19.
2013-12-18 Wed 07:15 AM   CSR Board of Directors Meeting, Millie's.
2013-12-19 Thu     Rotary Christmas Breakfast at South Hills CC
2013-12-24 Tue     Christmas Eve. CSR Dark.
2013-12-31 Tue     New Year's Eve. CSR Dark
2014-01-14 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Dr. Ohanian, Medical Director (626)938-7533 - Queen of the Valley's Stroke Center
2014-01-28 Tue 07:15 AM   Report from President's Advance. Our R Future Club was a hit!
2014-02-11 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Stephan Brad Miller, Doctor of Chiropractic, will discuss Health and Longevity.
2014-02-18 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Cary Presant, MD / Author @USC Keck School of Medicine - Surviving American Medicine
2014-02-19 Wed 07:15 AM   CSR Board of Directors Meeting, Millie's.
2014-02-25 Tue 07:15 AM   Four-way Test Speech Contest Club Competition.
2014-02-26 Wed 05:30 PM   Clippers-Lakers Ticket Raffle Drawing at Azo Vino (for ticket buyers only)
2014-03-04 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Bull Hubbert, Charter Member - "Terror on the Plains"
2014-03-11 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Richard Schulhof, CEO Los Angeles Arboretum (richard.schulhof at - Legends and Facts of the Los Angeles Arboretum (proj)
2014-03-12 Wed 07:00 AM   CSR Board of Directors Meeting. Millie's
2014-03-18 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Chica Emeka-Dillibe, (626)967-1105 - The legacy of Emeka Dillibe.
2014-03-25 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Police and Fire Awards
2014-04-01 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker MEETING IS DARK (attend History Dinner tonight instead).
2014-04-01 Tue 06:00 PM   Everyone is invited! Please plan to bring your spouse and your recollections to Aldolino's for a History Dinner--we need to have this event with everyone able to attend and participate in bringing us all up to date and back regarding the endeavors of this wonderful club. This would be efficacious for newer members, old members, and R Future members.
2014-04-08 Tue 07:00 AM  Speaker Operation Santa Clothes "Afterglow" Breakfast. A big thank you to sponsors and supporters of Covina Sunrise Rotary's signature service project.
2014-04-15 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Mark Barragan from "Super Build" re: transforming a village into a community. Bring a friend!
2014-04-16 Wed 07:15 AM   CSR Board of Directors Meeting. Millie's
2014-04-22 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Roman Morales (ex-member) - Days of the Korean War.
2014-04-26 Sat 06:00 PM   CSR Fundraiser - Snake, Rattle & Roll II at Hurst Ranch in West Covina
2014-04-29 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Barbara Goodrich-Welk, Vulcan Materials (858)530-9444 - Mining in the San Gabriel Mountains
2014-05-06 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Jason Fetchik, Driscoll & Gordon LLC (626)914-7809 - Wills and Trusts
2014-05-06 Tue 11:30 AM   Tour of Veolia Environmental Svcs. in Azusa. 11:30 to 1:00. We will meet at 107 S. Motor Ave off of Irwindale Ave in Irwindale.
2014-05-13 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Alan Jack, Retired Radiology Consultant (909)373-5945 - Radiology, Then and Now. (need screen)
2014-05-16 Fri     District Conference at Hilton Palm Springs - May 16-18. CSR Hosted Hospitality Suite is open Friday and Saturday nites.
2014-05-20 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Joe Cina, District DaCdb expert (909)816-7874 - What can the District 5300 database do for me?
2014-05-21 Wed 07:15 AM   CSR Board of Directors Meeting. Millie's.
2014-05-27 Tue 11:30 AM   VIP luncheon at Cedargrove Elementary
2014-06-01 Sun     Heavenly Horse Haven work party with Covina High School Interact Club
2014-06-03 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Tom Volz, (909)843-0782 - The Gamble House 1908: Masterpiece of the American Arts-and-Crafts Movement
2014-06-10 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Steve Slakey, University of Laverne (626)914-3294 - The story of Biddy Mason, former slave, entrepreneur and philanthropist.
2014-06-17 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Maria Del Fierro, CSUSB (909)935-7208 - The Phillipine Typhoon recovery project. (proj)
2014-06-28 Sat 06:00 PM   Kickout @ Don Crouse's house.
2014-07-01 Tue 07:14 AM  Speaker Catherine Heinlein, Assistant Professor, School of Nursing, APU(626)815-6000 x5558 - The FTC (Federal Trade Commission's) "Operation Failed Resolution." (proj)
2014-07-08 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Alex Nathanson, Corporate Marketing Brand Manager, Rain Bird Corporation 626-812-3463
2014-07-10 Thu 06:00 PM   Rotary Night Out at Old World Deli, 6 pm-8-pm. Be sure to sign up or connect with John to affirm the number of attendees.
2014-07-15 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Carlton Davis, author ( - The Good and Bad News About Mental Illness in America.
2014-07-22 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker District Governor
2014-07-29 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Dr. Bill Dyment, Author @ Dyment & Associates, Inc. 949.683.4997 - "Fire Your Excuses"
2014-08-05 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Stephanie Brynsjolfson, Alzheimer's Association (323)938-3379 - The Basics of Memory Loss Dementia & Alzheimer's Disease.
2014-08-12 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Doreen Harrison, CFO/Founder (909)900-8700 - Flying Veterans to Washington (proj)
2014-08-15 Fri 07:00 PM   Game Night Rayne Water
2014-08-19 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Wayne Partee - Covina Field of Valor
2014-09-02 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Maria Del Fierro, - The Philippine Project Follow-up
2014-09-09 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Bull Hubbert - Video Presentation "Wind River Rotary Trip 1990"
2014-09-13 Sat 05:00 PM   Texas Hold'em Tournament
2014-09-16 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Paul Avila "Paulie's Project"
2014-09-23 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Anne Absey, Animazonia Wildlife Foundation (818)370-5809 - Rescuing the Big Cats
2014-09-26 Fri 07:00 PM   Game Night Rayne Water
2014-09-30 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Kevin Stapleton (Former Covina Mayor) - The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall
2014-09-30 Tue 11:30 AM   VIP lunch Cedargrove Elmentary
2014-10-07 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Jason Farned, Public Information Officer, SGV Mosquito & Vector Control District (626)814-9466 - West Nile Virus and other pest based threats from overseas.
2014-10-11 Sat 01:00 PM   Covina Thunderfest - Rotary Beer Garden
2014-10-14 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker John W. Crowe, Crowestategies Consulting (213)999-6380 - Targeting fundraising to the generations.
2014-10-19 Sun 07:00 AM   Heavenly Horse Haven Project
2014-10-21 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker June Staggs - Craft talk
2014-10-24 Fri 07:00 PM   Game Night Rayne Water
2014-10-28 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Video presentation - Kickouts of the past (Shirley Von).
2014-10-28 Tue 11:30 AM   VIP lunch Cedargrove Elementary
2014-11-04 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Dr. Martin Kleinbart, CVHP (626)938-7577 - Long term planning and the future of medicine.
2014-11-11 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Haide Landeros, Nurse Practitioner (626)254-0074 - The Role of a Nurse Practitioner.
2014-11-18 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Sheri Bonner, Rotarian and CEO/President of SGV Planned Parenthood (626)798-0706 - Planning our Populations.
2014-11-18 Tue 11:30 AM   VIP lunch at Cedargrove Elementary
2014-11-25 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Kevin George (714)981-4038. VetHunters - making life better for our Veterans. (Need projector)
2014-12-12 Fri 06:00 PM   Holiday Party at Golden Spur.
2014-12-16 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Tiffany Tai, PeaceCorps (310)356-1121 - The Peace Corps in today's world.
2014-12-24 Wed 07:00 AM   Christmas Breakfast Party (MOVED FROM TUESDAY)
2014-12-30 Tue 07:15 AM   DARK
2015-01-06 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Dave Aulicino - Craft talk
2015-01-20 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Shelly Blechman, Juice Plus - Health and nutrition for the new year
2015-01-27 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Lt. Mark Stevens, LA Sheriff Dept (951)505-5850 - New developments in cyber crime and identity theft.
2015-02-07 Sat 10:30 AM   Rubel Castle Tour in Glendora.
2015-02-08 Sun 02:00 PM   3rd Annual Chili Cook Off- 2-5 pm Azo Vino 144 W Badillo, Covina Tickets only $5
2015-02-17 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Dr. Prasad, cardiologist @Foothill Cardiology (626)254-0074 - February is Heart Month!
2015-02-24 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Don Lofgren,PhD Director of Raymond M. Alf Museum of Paleontology (909)482-5242 - The Museum at Webb Schoolrn
2015-02-24 Tue 11:30 AM   VIP luncheon at Cedargrove Elementary
2015-03-03 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Rotary 4way speech contest.
2015-03-10 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Francis Fong, father of 10 year old cancer survivor ( - Follow up with his son, Jaylon - 2 time Leukemia survivor!
2015-03-12 Thu 06:00 PM   Rotary Night Out
2015-03-17 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Police and Fireman Awards
2015-03-24 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Dean Mauch, Dean of Counseling MSAC - Counseling services at MSAC.
2015-03-25 Wed 05:30 PM   OSC Fundraiser - Clipper/Laker Game Ticket Raffle party at Azo Vino 5:30-7:30
2015-03-27 Fri 07:00 PM   GAME NIGHT Rayne Water 7-to 10pm
2015-03-31 Tue 11:30 AM   VIP luncheon at Cedargrove Elementary
2015-04-07 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Dr. Prasad, Foothill Cardiology (626)254-0074 - New developments in heart care.
2015-04-09 Thu 06:00 PM   Rotary Night Out
2015-04-14 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Kristin Howland (909)392-5863 - "Letters from A Civil War Soldier"
2015-04-21 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Principal of Covina High School.
2015-04-24 Fri 07:00 PM   GAME NIGHT Rayne Water Desserts and refreshments
2015-04-28 Tue 07:00 AM  Speaker Afterglow Awards from OSC
2015-04-28 Tue 11:30 AM   VIP luncheon at Cedargrove Elementary
2015-05-05 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Ron Husband, Artist (951)536-0156 - Athletics and Art.
2015-05-12 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Hensel Essay Contest Winner -PLUS- RYLA recipients.
2015-05-15 Fri     District Conference - Green Valley Ranch Resort, Henderson, NV (through 05/17)
2015-05-19 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Christopher Burns (909)993-4034 - The Entrepreneur Mindset
2015-05-26 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Leslie Gonzalez - Craft Talk
2015-05-30 Sat 07:15 AM   CSR Major Fundraiser Party "Snake, Rattle & Roll" @ Hurst Ranch
2015-06-02 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Sal Chatfield - SRR debriefing
2015-06-09 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Miss Covina
2015-06-16 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Cicero Salmon (prospective member) - The Landscape of College Admissions
2015-06-20 Sat 05:30 PM   Kickout @ Sal's House.
2015-06-23 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Disaster Control (from Bill Higley) (need pc/proj)
2015-07-07 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Bill Hubbert - Craft Talk
2015-07-14 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Malinda Wheeler and John Pomroy, Forensic Nurse Specialists (562)480-6220 - The Children's Advocacy Center
2015-07-21 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Jack Mercica (909)263-2665 - Physician Assisted Suicide
2015-08-04 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Michael McVay, - Helping the world, one toilet at a time.
2015-08-11 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Hugh Ledford - Craft talk
2015-08-18 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Dave Little - Craft talk
2015-08-23 Sun 02:00 PM   Bowers Museum field trip.
2015-08-25 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Jeremy Ketterling and Ken Clevinger, SHHS Boys Basketball (626)221-2134 - New Basketball program at South Hills High School.
2015-09-01 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Al Marino - Craft talk
2015-09-08 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Andrea Miller, Covina City Manager - State of the City.
2015-09-12 Sat 04:30 PM   Poker Fundraiser Tournament
2015-09-15 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Clive Houston-Brown, VP of Facilities and CIO for the University of La Verne, and arnmember of the Pomona Rotary Club, - Topic: District 5300 International Clean Water Initiative (proj & pc)
2015-09-22 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Hugh Ledford - Craft Talk (proj)
2015-09-26 Sat 11:00 AM   Sriracha Factory Tour
2015-09-29 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Galen Metz - Craft Talk
2015-10-06 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker District Governor Randy Pote
2015-10-10 Sat     Thunderfest & OSC Beer Garden-Downtown Covina
2015-10-11 Sun     Mini Interact Symposium
2015-10-13 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Bryce Kunzel, Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Gardens (909) 625-8767 ext. 251 - Gardening in the San Gabriel Valley (screen)
2015-10-20 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Henry Morgan - Craft Talk
2015-10-24 Sat 07:00 AM   Trip to Heavenly Horse Haven in Anza
2015-10-27 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Manny Perez - Craft Talk
2015-11-10 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Ted Brodeur, Senior Engineer with LACO Sanitation District. (562)908-4288
2015-11-14 Sat 01:00 PM   CSR Holiday Party - "Winter Dance Party" @ El Portal in N. Hollywood $35 (meet 1pm @ Rayne Water)
2015-11-17 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Jon Pomeroy - Craft Talk
2015-11-24 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Steve Moore, American Diabetes Association (323)966-2890 x7423 - Diabetes the Not So Silent Killer.
2015-11-26 Thu     Thanksgiving @ Rayne
2015-12-01 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Jordan Salim, Job Developer, Pomona Valley Workshop (909)624-3555 - Putting people with developmental disabilities to work.
2015-12-05 Sat     Covina Christmas Parade
2015-12-08 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Robert C. Potter - Craft Talk
2015-12-15 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Larry Walker - History of the Hurst Ranch.
2015-12-20 Sun 02:00 PM   Holiday Happy Hour @ Azo Vino
2015-12-23 Wed     Holiday Breakfast Don't forget to wear your Ugly Sweater!
2015-12-29 Tue     Dark-No Club Meeting
2016-01-10 Sun 02:00 PM   Chili Cook Off @ Azo Vino
2016-01-12 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Dr. Andrew Keith D.C., Regenerative Orthopedic Clinic (626)617-9201 - Refining Stem Cell Therapy
2016-01-19 Tue    SPECIAL OSC starts
2016-01-19 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Travel/Cruise info (via speaker from Manny Perez)
2016-01-30 Sat     Miss Covina @ Azo Vino
2016-02-16 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Angie Skull, 626-629-9610 - Creating art from re-purposed junk.
2016-02-21 Sun     Rotary Fellowship-Valentine's Dinner
2016-02-23 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Marcela Paez, Lawndale Rotary Club - Report on the Shoes & Backpack project that we donated to.
2016-03-01 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Diane R. Bonner (909)599-8258, "The Effect of the New Immigrants on Education".
2016-03-08 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Carole Weeks (818)618-7509 - Are you still you? (Existence in a Coma and later life)
2016-03-15 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Glenn Alsdorf, Retired APU Professor (909)606-4746 - U.S. History and the Constitution
2016-03-22 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Bill Perron (626) 893-6588 - "Cookie, The Amazing Psychic Wonder Dog"
2016-03-24 Thu 06:00 PM   "Rotary Night Out" dinner at 'Bread & Barley' in Covina. Monthly support of club sponsors.
2016-03-29 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Dan Hudock (626)202-3444 - Gold Prospecting in the San Gabriels
2016-04-01 Fri     April Fools Day
2016-04-05 Tue 07:15 AM   Four Way Test competition.
2016-04-08 Fri     Rotary Fellowship April Fools Day get together
2016-04-12 Tue 07:00 AM  SPECIAL Police and Fireman Awards
2016-04-13 Wed 06:00 PM   "Rotary Night Out" dinner at 'Old World Deli' in Covina. Monthly support of club sponsors.
2016-04-19 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Carol Henault, Educator, Reading is Fundamental of Southern California - Reading Programs and Literacy.
2016-04-26 Tue 07:00 AM  Speaker OSC Afterglow Awards
2016-05-01 Sun 06:00 PM  Party Annual 'Rotary Club BBQ & Picnic' at Covina Park for members, family & friends!
2016-05-03 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Revvell Revati, (818)824-4422 - Sexual Predators: Protection for You and those you love.
2016-05-10 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Jorge Marquez, Mayor Pro Tem - What the heck is happening in Covina?
2016-05-17 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Diane R. Bonner (909)599-8258, "The Effect of the New Immigrants on Education".
2016-05-21 Sat 06:00 PM  SPECIAL CSR Fundraiser Party - "County Fair" at Hurst Ranch
2016-05-24 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Robert Avila - Country Fair Fundraiser Wrapup
2016-05-31 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Mike Birkholm, Chairman of District Attorney's Senior Scam Bureau (818)400-3814 - The latest scams to watch out for. (proj/spkr)
2016-06-07 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Elaine Treadwell, WIC Public Health Foundation (626)893-7581 - WIC Keeps Getting Better.
2016-06-14 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Diane Quast, Exec Director Project ECHO (310)251-8636 - Project ECHO (Entrepreneurial Concepts Hands On) teaching our teens entrepreneurship and business in high school.
2016-06-21 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Pam & Jon Pomeroy - Scholarship Awards
2016-06-25 Sat 05:30 PM  Party Kick Out Party
2016-06-28 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Lou Figueroa, (720)285-7904 - How to Find Your Reset Button
2016-07-12 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Dr. Sheehan
2016-07-19 Tue 07:00 AM   Photo Day!
2016-07-19 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker George Fuller - Information about Craft Talks.
2016-07-26 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Craft Talks: Cicero Salmon and Roy Umana
2016-07-27 Wed 06:00 PM  SPECIAL Rotary Night Out "Fonda Don Chon" Dinner 6:00 PM. Support our Club Donors!
2016-08-02 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Marla Rodriguez, Todd Memorial Chapel (909)242-4472 - Pre-Planning, an investment in your future?!
2016-08-09 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Walt Allen,Covina City Council: Rio Hondo CC Police Academy
2016-08-11 Thu 06:00 PM  SPECIAL Rotary Night Out "Galbi Grill" Dinner 6:00 PM. Support our Club Donors!
2016-08-16 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker District Governor attending our morning meeting. All to be in BEST behavior!
2016-08-23 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Phil Andreen, Ex Pasadena City Attorney (626)826-2069 - Topic: It's a wonderful lie.
2016-08-28 Sun 01:00 PM  SPECIAL Annual Rotary Club Picnic at Gladstone Park in Glendora 1-5 PM
2016-08-30 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Doug Stokes, VP Communications (626)391-3772 - Irwindale Raceway: The History and The Future.
2016-09-06 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Dr Garbis Der Yeghiayan 27th Annual Rotary International District 5300 Peace Conference Religion in World Affairs: Its Role in Peace and in Conflict
2016-09-13 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Liz and Peter from Curt Pringle and Associates: Community Outreach for KMart property.
2016-09-17 Sat 09:00 AM   "Rotary Essentials" @ Chaffey College (See Leslie): Refresh your knowledge on some of the most important aspects of Rotary (for new or veteran members).
2016-09-20 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Mr. Ron Coley, University of California, Riverside Vice Chancellor for Business and Adminstrative Services
2016-09-22 Thu 06:00 PM  SPECIAL Rotary Night Out and HISTORY Dinner "City Grill" Dinner 6:00 PM. Red Badge Event. Support our Club Donors!
2016-09-24 Sat 06:00 AM  SPECIAL Heavenly Horse Haven with Covina HS Interact Club
2016-09-27 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Art Estrella, Director (626)646-9569 - Support group for families of deceased children.
2016-10-01 Sat 08:00 AM   Dist 5300 Peace Conference @ Arts Center of San Dimas HS. (See Leslie)
2016-10-04 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Natalie Salazar, Prog Dir LA Regional Crimestoppers (626)664-6598 - Working with Law Enforcement as anonymous ways to report crime.
2016-10-08 Sat 10:00 AM  Party Covina THUNDERFEST Party. Hosting BEER Garden again.
2016-10-11 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Dr. Robert Morley, American Folk Music
2016-10-14 Fri     Corazon Superbuild 2016 Oct 14-15 @ Tecate, Mexico (See Leslie)
2016-10-18 Tue     Polio Immunization 11th Annual West Africa Project Fair @ Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Thru 10/26. (See Leslie)
2016-10-18 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Michelle Kaufer, Producer, Ask Dollar Project
2016-10-20 Thu 06:00 PM  SPECIAL Rotary Night Out "Bread & Barley" Dinner 6:00 PM. Support our Club Donors!
2016-10-25 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Roger J. Schulte, Rotaplast Co-Chair - Saving Smiles and Changing Lives
2016-11-01 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Bob Conley, Owner (626)683-4900 - Guiding Youth to a Career Path
2016-11-08 Tue    SPECIAL ELECTION DAY
2016-11-08 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Jimmy Weldon (818)761-4767 - Birth of the Star Spangled Banner
2016-11-10 Thu 11:30 AM  SPECIAL Club day at Field of Valor. In-n-Out lunch plus program from 12 to 1:30
2016-11-22 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Bob Donnelson (626)224-8919 - Matchbook collections through history
2016-11-24 Thu 10:00 AM  SPECIAL Thanksgiving Dinner at Rayne Water. Need Volunteers.
2016-11-29 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Ana Interiano, YWCA San Gabriel Valley
2016-12-03 Sat 06:00 PM  Party Covina Christmas Parade. Rotary Float?
2016-12-06 Tue 07:15 AM  SPECIAL Tuesday meeting location: Brew & Meatball Restaurant downtown Covina. Do Not show up at South Hills CC.
2016-12-10 Sat 05:00 PM  Party Covina Downtown WINE Walk. 5-8pm. Tickets @ Azo
2016-12-13 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Janie Duncan (626)358-8157, The History of Buttons.
2016-12-18 Sun 01:00 PM  Party Rotary Club Holiday Party "Happy Hour" at Potter's House. 1pm to 5pm.
2016-12-20 Tue     DARK - Meeting moved to Wednesday December 21 7:00 AM
2016-12-21 Wed 07:00 AM  SPECIAL Rotary Club Annual "Holiday Breakfast" meeting at SHCC. Santa Claus in attendance.
2016-12-27 Tue     DARK - Happy Holidays!
2017-01-10 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Miles Petroff, PDG Dist. 5300, Rotary Foundation
2017-01-17 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Pat Bell, House of Ruth (909)868-8007 - Overview of Domestic Violence Services available to the community.
2017-01-17 Tue 09:00 AM   Start of OSC
2017-01-24 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Mark Barragon, Project Hope
2017-01-31 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Wendell Beard (626)444-1482, "The Three Elements of Time"
2017-02-04 Sat 04:00 PM  SPECIAL OSC Fundraiser - Pomeroy Ad Museum @ Rayne Water. 4-9pm
2017-02-07 Tue 05:30 PM  SPECIAL Country Fair planning meeting at Judy's.
2017-02-16 Thu 09:00 AM   Last day of OSC
2017-02-16 Thu 06:00 PM  SPECIAL Club Assembly Meeting at Red Devil Pizza
2017-02-21 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Joe Castillo, Historical Researcher (626)205-0017 - History of In-N-Out Burgers.
2017-02-28 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Tom Mason, Mt. Wilson Observatory (626)482-2733 - Through the Looking Glass with Astronomy.
2017-03-02 Thu 06:00 PM  SPECIAL ROTARY Night Out at Marie Calendars. Support our Sponsors!
2017-03-07 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Zahir Ansari ( 626-665-5803 - Adventures From a Village in India to Los Angeles
2017-03-14 Tue 00:07 AM  Speaker Chris Bailey, Guatamala Literacy Project
2017-03-19 Sun 11:00 AM  SPECIAL ROTARY Brunch Out at Kara's Corner. Support our Sponsors!
2017-03-21 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Four Way Test - Speech Contest
2017-03-28 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker SPAJoyce Davison, Ahead with Horses, 1(818)628-2724
2017-04-02 Sun 02:00 PM  Party 5TH ANNUAL CHILI COOK OFF ***ARROW LODGE BREWING, 720 E ARROW HWY, UNIT C, COVINA***$10.00 TASTING FEE*** Enter your chili or just come for the fun and fellowship! Contact Shannon Hidalgo to purchase tickets or enter your chili! (626)221-4486, Tickets available at the door!
2017-04-04 Tue 07:00 AM  SPECIAL MAnnual ROTARY: Policeman, Fireman, Citizen of the Year Breakfast at SHCC.
2017-04-11 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker SOShop with a Mission. Fair trade handicrafts shopping. Fighting poverty,education, combating hunger. Contact; Caroline 626-963-7717 Need 2 tables for display & screen.
2017-04-11 Tue 05:30 PM   Country Fair meeting @Judy's
2017-04-18 Tue 07:00 AM  SPECIAL MAfterglow, Operation Santa Clothes (in Main room)
2017-04-25 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker SPSpeaker Maryanne Carrillo (626) 255-4364 on Forest Lawn Covina Update referred by Manny.
2017-04-25 Tue 05:30 PM   Country Fair meeting @Judy's
2017-04-27 Thu 06:00 PM  Party ROTARY Night Out at Aldolino's Restaurant. Support our Sponsors!
2017-05-02 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker SPAFrank Sarver - Covina Little League
2017-05-06 Sat 06:00 PM  Party 24TH ANNUAL FUNDRAISER "COUNTRY FAIR" Hurst Ranch, West Covina Over 20 local food vendors, craft beer, wine and fine liquour, casino area, silent and live auction, wine toss, wheel of fortune and MUCH more! ***TICKETS ARE ONLY $50** VIP TABLES ALSO AVAILABLE Contact any Covina Sunrise Rotary member for tickets or contact Shannon Hidalgo (626)221-4486
2017-05-09 Tue     SPACountry Fair Recap!
2017-05-16 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Bill Higley - Craft Talk
2017-05-23 Tue    SPECIAL Shannon & Leslie (doing something??)
2017-05-30 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker SPCDrexel Smith, West Covina Rotary, District 5300 International Services Chair, part of Dream Team 2017--India, Polio NID program
2017-06-06 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker SPKaren Barum (626)253-6401 Former Producer of Miss Covina Pageant and CEO of - Looking after the widows and orphans of Kenya.
2017-06-13 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Renee Gautier of Innergy Therapy Systems. 909 374 9813
2017-06-20 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Carole Pearson 310-850-0477 CEO Dawg Squad - Saving Abandoned Canines
2017-06-24 Sat 04:30 PM  Party Kickout Party @ Shannon's house
2017-06-27 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker SPOGina Kano from Focal Point Coaching who will discuss communication styles 909 227 7659(needs Robert's projector with Mac connections.
2017-06-27 Tue 08:45 AM   Tex Everson Board Meeting
2017-07-04 Tue 07:15 AM   DARK! DO NOT SHOW UP, DO NOT PASS GO, DO NOT COLLECT $200!
2017-07-11 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker SPCMSarita Jackson, PhD, CEO Global Research Institue of International Trade (310)912-7950 - Improving Educational Initiatives to Prepare Students and Businesses for a Globalized Economy.
2017-07-18 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker SPDiane Sexton, Financial Planner, will speak on Social Security: 626 316 0044
2017-07-25 Tue 00:00 PM   A story from Alfieland-my experience at the U of Oklahoma 7:15 am
2017-07-28 Fri 06:00 PM   Annual planning meeting @ Sal's house
2017-08-01 Tue 05:30 PM   CSR Booth at Heritage Park-National Night Out
2017-08-08 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker David Little, San Dimas Mountain Rescue Team. (Tex Everson recipient) New maps our support aided in securing.
2017-08-15 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Rotary International Convention Recap!
2017-08-20 Sun 01:00 PM  Party Pool Party at Judy's! 1-5 pm
2017-08-22 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Janie Duncan, who spoke on the history of buttons, will speak on local geology. H-626 3588157; C-626 201 3277
2017-08-22 Tue 05:30 PM  Party Rotary Social Hour! Bread & Barley on Citrus
2017-08-29 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Al Marino will regale us with tales of his recent National Geographic trip to Africa.
2017-09-05 Tue 07:15 AM  SPECIAL Craft Video Presentations-Avila & Hidalgo
2017-09-12 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker John Pomeroy will tell us about 1967 Detroit.
2017-09-17 Sun 01:00 PM  Party Annual Rotary FAMILY PICNIC at Gladstone Park in Glendora.
2017-09-19 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Speaker Vicki Claudius from Crossroads, Inc., a provider of services to women who have been released from prison. 909-626-7847.
2017-09-26 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker SPARobert Avila-Craft Video
2017-10-03 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker SPCMALeeAnn Allman, Assisted Living Locators will talk on how to provide a quality of life for our aging parents.
2017-10-10 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Covina Chief of Police Curley will speak.
2017-10-17 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker SPCSpeaker: Krizia Virbia,from Covina City Library will share with us the many fun and educational programs the library offers. Its not your 'old boring' library any more. They offer fun activities for the whole family year round in addition to tutoring programs for all ages.
2017-10-17 Tue 05:30 PM  Party Rotary Social Hour - City Grill on the patio
2017-10-24 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Paula De La Cruz from CERT no equipment needed
2017-10-31 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker SPATex Everson Recipient...Paul Avila , Pauly's Project
2017-11-04 Sat     GROUP SIX GOVERNOR'S VISIT-includes Covina, CSR, West Cov, West Cov Sunrise and Industry Hills. Field of Valor meeting 4-6pm All club members welcome to attend.
2017-11-07 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker SPMATex Everson Recipient...Craig Van Doren with Honor Flight Southland
2017-11-14 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker SPMATex Everson Recipient...Carol Henault, Reading is Fundamental
2017-11-19 Sun 01:00 PM   Pauly's Project - Inter-club trip to Los Angeles Skid Row for homeless goods distribution.
2017-11-21 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Bill Higley - My Vacation in Austria
2017-11-28 Tue 07:15 AM  SPECIAL Music Trivia Contest - Old TV Shows - presented by Terry Wysocki
2017-12-05 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker DISTRICT GOVERNOR VISIT. Meeting at Brew and Meatball Co 7:15
2017-12-12 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Charter oak high school - presentation on the new stem curriculum
2017-12-17 Sun 03:00 PM  Party HOLIDAY HAPPY HOUR @ BARBARA'S
2017-12-19 Tue    SPECIAL Meeting dark....see Wednesday 12/20/17
2017-12-20 Wed 07:00 AM  Party Christmas Breakfast with Santa/Ugly Sweater Contest
2018-01-16 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Dr. Wen Chen, - Human Rights violations in China.
2018-01-23 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Al Marino , What's up with the Stock Market?
2018-01-30 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker SPGem Munro 604-726-3373 - The Worst Slums on Earth, Bangladesh and Pakistan.
2018-02-06 Tue 07:00 AM   SPSpeaker: Tony Salerno of Forever Kids will present their current project, A Case for Character. He can be reached at 626 331 3495.
2018-02-13 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker SPMAChief Officer John Curley, Covina Police Department
2018-02-18 Sun 02:00 PM  SPECIAL CHILI COOK OFF @ CASA MORENO 2-5 PM
2018-02-20 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Dora Gomez, President-Project 29:11
2018-02-27 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker OPiano is needed for Susan Ste. Claire who will speak about music education, with a presentation regarding a recital event, including a vocalist. Ste. Claire Studios, Inc., 714 875 1455.
2018-03-06 Tue 07:15 AM  SPECIAL First meeting at DISTRICT FIELD - 2nd Floor, South Hills Room
2018-03-06 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker SPCInternational Project - Peru - Info to come
2018-03-13 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Kim Holland
2018-03-27 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Robert Potter Craft TAlk
2018-04-10 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Corie Apodaca, Inland Valley Hope Partners
2018-04-17 Tue 07:00 AM  SPECIAL AFTERGLOW
2018-04-18 Wed 05:30 PM   Country Fair planning mtg @Barbara's house
2018-04-19 Thu 05:00 PM  SPECIAL Open House @ District Field
2018-04-24 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Andra Leigh Watkins, Adventures on the Natchez Trace
2018-05-01 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Walt Allen-Mayor, City of Covina
2018-05-15 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker VAL-OR Tracy Andersen and Francisco Juarez
2018-05-19 Sat 06:00 PM  Party CSR Fundraiser - Country Fair @ Hurst Ranch
2018-05-22 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Country Fair recap
2018-05-29 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Chris Dumont
2018-06-05 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Michael Espinoza - My Life With Diabetes
2018-06-19 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker SBarbara Brusca Craft Video
2018-06-26 Tue 07:15 AM  SPECIAL President Shannon's Last Meeting!
2018-06-30 Sat 05:30 PM  SPECIAL Shannon's Kick-Out Party @ Wysocki's
2018-07-03 Tue     MEETING IS DARK!!!
2018-07-10 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Dani Preston, R Future member - My Great French Experience
2018-07-17 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker 'Wild' Bill Higley - The RI Convention in Toronto
2018-07-25 Wed 06:00 PM   CSR Planning Meeting @ Brusca house
2018-08-07 Tue 05:30 PM   National Nite Out @ Heritage Park (until 8:30)
2018-08-12 Sun 06:30 PM  SPECIAL Early Morning Hike at San Diego Area Nature Preserve, Lunch in La Jolla, Tour of Scripts Aquarium, 6:30 AM meeting at Rayne Water to caravan to destination.
2018-08-26 Sun 01:00 PM  SPECIAL Rotary Day at DODGERS Stadium. Dodgers vs Padres
2018-09-11 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Billy Hammett-Craft Talk
2018-09-18 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Dennis Duncan-Craft Talk
2018-09-23 Sun 11:00 AM  SPECIAL Annual Rotary PICNIC Location Bonelli Park in San Dimas
2018-09-25 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker THE OTHER MOTOWN
2018-10-02 Tue 07:00 AM  SPECIAL District GOVERNOR Visit
2018-10-03 Wed 06:00 PM  SPECIAL Annual Rotary Club ASSEMBLY
2018-10-06 Sat 07:00 AM   Heavenly HORSE Haven project @Covina HS
2018-10-13 Sat 03:00 PM  SPECIAL Covina Annual THUNDERFEST Beer Garden
2018-10-19 Fri 06:00 PM  Party 'Pool Party' @ Barbara's house.
2018-10-23 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker 'Trevor' and the Covina K9 Team!
2018-10-30 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Halloween Fun
2018-11-03 Sat 05:00 PM  SPECIAL Annual Rotary POKER Fundraiser
2018-11-06 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Kawangware Medical Clinic. Building of medical clinic in the slums of Kawangware, Nairobi, Kenya. Speaker: Susie Mullen of Simply 2 Love, Inc
2018-11-08 Thu 03:30 PM  SPECIAL Stocking for Troops. CVHS Library
2018-11-20 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Joann Stewart, Young Living - Aromatherapy for health
2018-11-27 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Jeanette Kinsman, Isagenix - Healthy Living
2018-12-01 Sat 06:00 PM  SPECIAL Covina Christmas PARADE
2018-12-04 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Dr. Shieda, Reconstructive Surgeon -
2018-12-08 Sat 01:00 PM   Celebration of Life for Geri Higley (1-5pm @ District Field Bldg)
2018-12-11 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Gloriana Perez, One Legacy - Organ Donor Harvesting
2018-12-16 Sun 03:00 PM  Party Holiday Happy Hour @ Barbara's
2018-12-18 Tue 07:00 AM  SPECIAL CSR Family Xmas Breakfast
2018-12-25 Tue    SPECIAL XMAS DAY (DARK)
2019-01-01 Tue    SPECIAL NEW YEAR'S DAY (DARK)
2019-01-07 Mon 05:30 PM  Party Laker Ticket Raffle Party @ Azo Vino 5:30-7:30p.
2019-01-08 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Isabel - Cake Decoration
2019-01-15 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Jaime Calderon - Moving Company
2019-02-05 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Maureen Hinds
2019-03-03 Sun 01:00 PM  SPECIAL CHILI COOK OFF @ AZO VINO
2019-03-12 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Wes Uptergrove, former CSR member (626)482-5378 - Uber & Lyft, an insider's story.
2019-03-19 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Diane L. Martin, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, CVHP (626)813-2834 - Transformation to Emanate Health.
2019-03-26 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Jonathan Brunasso from Sunrun Solar on the benefits of Solar
2019-04-02 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Brian Jobst, Consultant (626)320-7506 - TOPIC: BKK - Past, Present & Future.
2019-04-09 Tue 07:00 AM  SPECIAL Police, Fireman, Citizen of the Year Awards
2019-04-16 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Chuck Cota, California Historical Society (562)965-5141 - Los Angeles 1880 to present (rare photo archives).
2019-04-23 Tue 07:15 AM   Interact Club doing video taping of CSR Rotary Attitudes.
2019-04-30 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Steve Geil, - Rancho El Chorro, the Cayucos Seaside Rotary International Project
2019-05-03 Fri     District Assembly AND Conference weekend
2019-05-07 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Dr. Carmen Rexach, Professor of Anatomy Physiology and Microbiology, Mt. Sac College - A&P Cadaver Program and Brazil Medical School Alliance.
2019-05-14 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Brian Saeke, Covina City Manager (626) 384-5400 - State of the City
2019-05-21 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Byron Walls, 213-952-2700 - Comedic presentation on Crime and Safety.
2019-06-01 Sat     Rotary International Convention Weekend
2019-06-04 Tue     Meeting adjourns early @8:15
2019-06-08 Sat 06:00 PM  SPECIAL DISCO AT THE BARN @ Hurst Ranch
2019-06-11 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Disco At The Barn - Fundraiser wrap up discussion.
2019-06-18 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker OSC Scholarship program.
2019-06-25 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Chuck Cota, California Historical Society (562)965-5141 - Goal Ball Tournament for the blind.
2019-06-29 Sat 04:00 PM  Party Kickout at Barbara's house
2019-07-02 Tue     MEETING IS DARK
2019-07-09 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Speaker Dr. Sakeena Ali Peace Corps
2019-07-16 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Speaker Michael Ruiz Tomorrow's Tone
2019-07-23 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Talal Balaa (626)616-4914 - Electric Vehicles, can they change YOUR world?
2019-07-30 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Agnes Lewis (Granada Hills Rotary)818-804-0095 - Killer Tomatoes and the truth about GMO.
2019-08-06 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Djoser Garrison-Quick ( ) - Photography: The power of photographic expression
2019-08-27 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Dick Hogue (818)966-9686 - How Social Media is Harming Young Brains
2019-09-17 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker LA County Fire Dept Home Fire Safety Paulina
2019-10-01 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Joe Dungan, comedian (818)314-1808 - Death Sentences, The High Cost of Typos
2019-10-12 Sat 04:00 PM  SPECIAL Thunderfest - Beer Garden
2019-10-15 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker former Navy US Seal, Jordan Heatherton.
2019-10-22 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Luanne Arredondo, District Governor Visit
2019-10-29 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Brian Johsz, Director of Government Affairs, Athens Disposal (626)723-3742 - Trash Talkin'
2019-11-07 Thu    SPECIAL Stuffing Stockings for Troops with CVHS Interact
2019-11-12 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Music Trivia Quiz - Oldies
2019-11-21 Thu     Thanksgiving @ Rowland Convalescent Home with CVHS Interact Club
2019-11-26 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Chanti Niven ( - Saving the World from Terminal Boredom... What I learned about the importance of being a captivating speaker.
2019-11-28 Thu 10:00 AM  SPECIAL Thanksgiving @ Rayne
2019-12-03 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Steve Slakey, ULV Geography Educator (626)914-3294 - Sally Rand's Frank Lloyd Wright House
2019-12-07 Sat     Covina Christmas Parade with CVHS Interact Club
2019-12-15 Sun 04:00 PM  Party HOLIDAY HAPPY HOUR @ BARBARA'S
2019-12-17 Tue 07:00 AM   Annual Friends & Family Christmas Breakfast @ District Field
2019-12-24 Tue     MEETING IS DARK
2019-12-31 Tue     MEETING IS DARK
2020-01-07 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker John Tanner - (626)471-9718 - 'I almost died needlessly... will you?'
2020-01-14 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Dr. Marrianne Citron, Step by Step Dyslexia Solutions
2020-01-28 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Chino Hills Aquatics,
2020-02-04 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Brian Lee, Covina Director of community development
2020-02-11 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker BNF Entertainment, Becky Moon
2020-03-01 Sun 02:00 PM  Party Annual Chili Cook Off @ Azo Vino
2020-03-03 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker THE BEE'S KNEE'S
2020-03-10 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Laura Weigand, Community Engagement Coordinator, Tobacco-Free Partnership Covina (626)608-8892 - Smoking then and now: Health hazards and strategies to prevent secondhand smoke exposure.
2020-03-17 Tue    SPECIAL CSR IS DARK pending end of risk for CORONA VIRUS until further notice!!!
2020-03-31 Tue 07:15 AM  SPECIAL CSR First virtual meeting on Zoom. District Field closed.
2020-06-27 Sat     Kickout Party
2020-07-21 Tue 07:30 AM  Speaker Dr. Charles D. Hinman Superintendent West Covina Unified School District
2020-07-28 Tue 07:30 AM  Speaker Chris Marcarello, Covina City Manager
2020-08-04 Tue 07:30 AM  Speaker Ana Guiterrez Foster and Homeless Youth Liaison West Covina USD Family Resource Center
2020-08-11 Tue 07:30 AM  Speaker Patricia Cortez, Covina Council Woman & Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District Director of Community and Government Affairs
2020-08-18 Tue 07:30 AM  Speaker Craft Talk: Cicero Salmon III, President
2020-08-25 Tue 07:30 AM  Speaker Ms. Roxanna Figueroa, C-VUSD Royal Oak Middle School ELD Staffer
2020-09-01 Tue 07:30 AM  Speaker Mike Schaub, Senior Director of Community Relations Social Model Recovery Systems
2020-09-15 Tue 07:30 AM  Speaker Kaylah Bowman, Serenity Foster Care
2020-10-13 Tue 08:00 AM  Speaker Dr Camille Adeimy How to Prevent Skin Cancer Educated in Lebanon, Dr. Adeimy received his medical degree from American University of Beirut. He continued his training in the U.S. at St. Louis University School of Medicine and Loyola University School of Medicine, Maywood, Illinois. He also earned a master's degree in medical management at University of Southern California.
2020-11-10 Tue 08:00 AM  Speaker Dr Katharine Shulz-Costello, D.O. Asst Clinical Professor, Specialty Breast Cancer and Surgery City of Hope
2020-11-27 Fri     CSR Silent Auction starts at 9am on Covina Sunrise Rotary Auction group on FB....Closes Sunday 11/29 at 9am
2020-12-01 Tue 00:00 PM  Speaker Rotary Fellowships - International Fellowship of Rotarian Musicians (IFRM)
2020-12-08 Tue 07:30 AM  Speaker City of Hope Stroke Prevention presented by Mayra Serrano, Manager Center of Community Alliance for Research & Education at City of Hope
2020-12-15 Tue 08:00 AM  Speaker Wen Chen, Ph.D. (626)389-7522 - Coronavirus and China's Censorship
2021-01-26 Tue 08:00 AM  Speaker CHILDREN'S ADVOC
2021-02-02 Tue 08:00 AM  Speaker Stephen Ford, Historian - The life and times of general George S. Patton Jr.
2021-02-09 Tue 08:00 AM  Speaker Stephanie Reyes Serenity Foster Care
2021-02-09 Tue 08:00 AM  Speaker WILD BILL'S RETIREMENT
2021-02-16 Tue 08:00 AM  Speaker Bonnie Sirower International Project int Honduras
2021-02-23 Tue 08:00 AM  Speaker Covina Police Chief David Povero - There's a New Sheriff in Town.
2021-03-09 Tue 08:00 AM  Speaker Cam from Covina Valley Cyclery
2021-03-16 Tue 07:45 AM   Whittier Rotary Speaker
2021-03-23 Tue 08:00 AM  Speaker District Governor Greg Jones
2021-03-30 Tue 08:00 AM   Steven Branconier, Sergeant, California Highway Patrol,
2021-04-06 Tue 08:00 AM  Speaker Salem Emara, JPL/NASA 8183547581 - Perseverance, The Mission to Mars
2021-04-13 Tue 07:30 AM  Speaker Angel Carillo. City of Covina. Update on developments and current activities in the City
2021-04-13 Tue 08:00 AM  Speaker Nathan Kirschenbaum Community Development Specialist Dementia Information
2021-04-27 Tue 08:00 AM  Speaker Dave Little-CSR Legacy Endowment update
2021-05-04 Tue 08:00 AM  Speaker Laura Dryjanska, PhD Rosemead School of Psychology, Biola University Human Trafficking
2021-05-11 Tue 08:00 AM  Speaker  Lynn Dubinsky Regional Director, Braille Institute
2021-06-01 Tue 07:30 AM  Speaker Al Marino - Craft Talk
2021-06-15 Tue 08:00 AM  Speaker Jon Jon Macalintal, DNP, CTTS City of Hope- Overview and update on Lung Cancer
2021-06-22 Tue 08:00 AM  Speaker Cindy Parsons - Wounded Warrior Project (WWP).
2021-06-29 Tue 08:00 AM  Speaker Dr Susan Nyanzi-Healthy Lifestyle Program Community Nutrition Educator, City of Hope
2021-07-06 Tue 08:00 AM  Speaker Randy Lung, Dive Guardians Our mission is to bring continued awareness to the high rates of mental health issues and suicides among First Responders. It is our goal to do our part to help reduce these issues through support, education, and using our resiliency program, which includes scuba diving. As a profession, First Responders and those in the Military are at an increased risk of Post-Trauma
2021-07-13 Tue 08:00 AM  Speaker KC Ollila, Operations and Program Manager, Bob Hope USO, Inland Empire The USO strengthens America’s military service members by keeping them connected to family, home and country, throughout their service to the nation.
2021-07-20 Tue 08:00 AM  Speaker Dr Kidambi City of Hope Colorectal Health
2021-07-27 Tue 07:30 AM  Speaker David Carillo. City of Covina. Update on developments and current activities in the City of Covina
2021-08-18 Wed 07:15 AM  SPECIAL Board Meeting. Millies Restaurant.
2021-08-24 Tue 07:30 AM  Speaker The Neighborhood Coyote Program -- ZOOM -- serves to address, educate, and report coyote interactions as well as safety issues caused by coyotes within the San Gabriel Valley. Through education and resourcing, we want to ensure the safety of residents and pets. The Neighborhood Coyote Program provides various methods to report coyote encounters as well as tips and information to promote coyote
2021-09-14 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Christopher Romero.--HOPEFULLY DISTRICT FIELD - The Outreach Program. A nonprofit that organizes meal packaging events and have worked with Rotary Clubs across California to help support local feeding organizations.
2021-09-21 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Zac Woonsam, Founder/Executive Director, Youth Inspiration Nation Inc. Our Purpose Youth Inspiration Nation is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to providing kids with motivation, inspiration and education through aviation, while incorporating our communities First Responders to help inspire our next generation of Pilots, Engineers, Police Officers, Firemen / Women, Doctors, and Space Explorers.
2021-10-05 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Paul Avila - Pauly's Project How they are helping the Homeless in the Skidrow and other areas of Los Angeles
2021-10-12 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Sister Terry Dodge, SSL, Executive Director, Crossroads, Inc. Since 1974, the mission of Crossroads is to provide housing, education, support, counseling, and employment training in a homelike environment for women who have been incarcerated. The primary goal is to empower women with new skills to help them step out of the revolving door of prison and move towards economic self-sufficiency.
2021-10-19 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Ryan Salvoria with Sunburst Youth Challenge Academy. Sunburst's program is to intervene in and reclaim the lives of 16 to 18 year old high school dropouts to produce graduates with the values, life skills, education and self discipline necessary to succeed as productive citizens
2021-10-20 Wed 07:15 AM  SPECIAL Board Meeting. Millies Restaurant.
2021-10-26 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Cesar R Cortez, Sergeant First Class, United States Army. Glendora Recruitment Center. The United States Army is the most lethal and capable ground combat force in history. It has proven this in multiple conflicts, across a broad spectrum of operations, in various locations around the world, defending the nation and serving the American people well for over 240 years.
2021-10-27 Wed 06:00 PM  SPECIAL 40th Anniversary Celebration and Fundraiser Planning Meeting. Azo Vino at 6PM
2021-11-02 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Linda Logan, Covina Rotary Club. Short Presentation about Field of Valor. ......................................................................... Club Visit by District Governor Elizabeth Barry
2021-11-09 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Walt Allen, Rio Hondo Police Academy. The Academy program follows the guidelines of the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) and serves law enforcement agencies throughout Southern California. The Rio Hondo College Regional Training Center provides recruits with the academic skills, practical scenario training, physical training and discipline to prepare them for a
2021-11-16 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Robert Moreno, The Man-e Moreno Foundation. He will talk about the 212 Academic and Athletic Training Center
2021-11-17 Wed 07:15 AM  SPECIAL Board Meeting. Millies Restaurant
2021-11-20 Sat 09:00 AM  SPECIAL STOCKINGS FOR THE TROOPS. John Espinoza's Warehouse, 1069 E Edna Place, Covina. Join the Interactors from Covina High and Las Palmas Middle School with filling and assembling the STOCKINGS FOR THE TROOPS. Starting at 9AM until finished filling, assembling and packing all the stockings into boxes for shipment overseas. BRING ANY LAST MINUTE ITEMS YOU WANT TO DONATE FOR THE STOCKINGS.
2021-11-23 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Sharon Johnson-May, President of La Verne Rotary and Sandra McLaughlin, a member of La Verne Rotary, but now lives in Coupeville, WA. They will talk about their trip with the RotaPlast Team
2021-12-05 Sun 04:00 PM  SPECIAL Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Musical ********** Covina Center for the Performing Arts ********** 4 PM Cocktails and Appetizers upstairs before the show ********** 5 PM Show *********** Coffee and Deserts after the show ********** Merry Christmas
2021-12-07 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Linda Bertuzzi A 25+ year Rotarian. Currently a founding member of Las Vegas After Hours Rotary. Previous member and Past President of Las Vegas Downtown Rotary. Polio Update - Zoom
2021-12-14 Tue 07:15 AM  SPECIAL Membership drive open club conversation. Need to develop a plan to bring in new members. Host CSR History Dinner Event 2/18/22. Invite potential members.
2021-12-21 Tue 07:00 AM  SPECIAL CSR 2021 ANNUAL CHRISTMAS BREAKFAST :-) ***** Please note starting time of breakfast is 7:00AM ****** Bring the whole Family. Reservation REQUIRED for meal count-RSVP to Shannon. Enjoy a special catered breakfast. Meet Santa, enjoy Surprise Entertainment. Don't forget to bring wrapped presents for the little ones.
2021-12-28 Tue 07:15 AM  SPECIAL DARK - no meeting this week. Merry Christmas, God bless you with prosperity and happiness, Feliz Navidad, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Ridvan, Happy Buddha’s birthday CAMBODIAN, Omedeto, Happy Losar, Tet Nguyen Dan, Blessings on the New Year. Wishes for a Prosperous Year ahead.
2022-01-04 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Patsy with Covina Valley Assistance League. Presentation about the many programs they are involved with
2022-01-11 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Ray Bushnell, Rotary Rose Parade Committee. Ray is a member of Arcadia Rotary and serves on the District Rotary Committee that is in charge of the Rotary Float. Usually the International President and others from the International Board come to ride on the float in the parade along with some local Rotarians.
2022-01-18 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Emmanuel Hernandez, Banilad Metro Rotary Club. Rotary Action Group Against Slavery. Emmanuel is a Coordinator of RAGAS. Also volunteers with Regina Coeli NGO, Philippines, which is part of the Mary Queen of Heaven Missionaries, a Catholic order dedicated to rehabilitating human sex trafficking survivors and preventing potential trafficking through educational assistance in vulnerable rural areas i
2022-01-19 Wed 07:15 AM  SPECIAL Board Meeting
2022-01-25 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Bob Ihsen. Covina Historical Society. The early days of Covina.
2022-02-08 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Mayor of Covina Jorge Marquez. Update on current and future projects in Covina
2022-02-15 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Darrin Lee. Paws4Success. Presentation about Therapy Dogs. Will bring Charlie, his Therapy Dog.
2022-02-22 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Heroes Deserve Help, San Dimas, Nathaniel Miller, 714-588-2091 Hereos Deserve Help donates computers and technology to Veterans in need who are sponsored by a Veterans Resource Organizations.
2022-02-23 Wed 07:15 AM  SPECIAL Board meeting (rescheduled from last week)
2022-03-01 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Lauren Schaefer, Special Projects Coordinator, Together we Rise, Transform the way kids experience foster care. Our programs are for people who cannot become foster parents to still help children in foster care
2022-03-02 Wed 10:00 AM   Meet @Woman's Club to checkout site for fundraiser
2022-03-08 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Van Webster. Mt Wilson Observatory. How we discovered the Universe. A presentation built around the establishment of Mt Wilson Observatory
2022-03-15 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Father Steven H. De Muth, Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, The history of St Patrick. Surprising tale!
2022-03-16 Wed 07:15 AM  SPECIAL Board meeting
2022-03-22 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Norma Quiñones, San Gabriel Conservation Corps serves as a bridge to a better life for young adults ages 18-25.We provide paid job training, support services, and a second chance to earn a high school diploma, while offering a variety of professional services to the San Gabriel community. Our Corpsmembers gain job skills through environmental, construction, and other jobs
2022-03-29 Tue 07:15 AM  SPECIAL Fundraiser meeting during our breakfast meeting. Bring any gift cards, raffle items, etc. We will also go over set up/clean up plans.
2022-04-01 Fri 06:00 PM  Party Rotary Social Night at Azo Vino. 6-8 pm One complimentary drink and appetizers for all. Invite prospective members!
2022-04-02 Sat     Covina Chalk Festival and Wine Walk
2022-04-05 Tue 07:15 AM  SPECIAL District Governor Visit!
2022-04-12 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Heroes Deserve Help, San Dimas, Nathaniel Miller, 714-588-2091 Hereos Deserve Help donates computers and technology to Veterans in need who are sponsored by a Veterans Resource Organizations.
2022-04-19 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Vineet Kaur, President, Fruitfully Yours. Fruitfully Yours' mission is to bring the community together to prevent food waste, fight food insecurity and protect the environment by harvesting unwanted fruit from your fruit trees that would otherwise go waste and donating it to local food banks and pantries that in turn distribute it to the food insecure.
2022-04-20 Wed 07:15 AM  SPECIAL Board meeting
2022-04-23 Sat 09:00 AM  SPECIAL District Assembly. Granite Hills High School, 22900 Esaws Rd, Apple Valley From 9am to 1:45pm. District Assembly is a totally free, one-day training session to help current and future Board Members and all members, learn important techniques to effectively and efficiently perform their club duties. Sessions include: Board of Directors Training Secretary Training Treasurer Training Youth
2022-04-26 Tue 07:15 AM  SPECIAL Club Assembly: Brain Storming for SRC. Bring all your ideas for projects, fund raisers, speakers, social gatherings. How do you want our Club to move forward. WE need input from everyone to make this the best club there is -- second to none
2022-04-27 Wed 05:30 PM   BBB Fundraiser meeting @ Azo Vino
2022-04-30 Sat 10:00 AM  SPECIAL OUTREACH PROGRAM-FOOD PACKAGING SERVICE PROJECT Covina HS Cafeteria 10 am to 12 pm
2022-05-03 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Teri Meister, San Gabriel Valley Assistance League. Info about the many programs they offer to the community
2022-05-10 Tue 07:15 AM  SPECIAL Last fundraiser meeting before the big day!
2022-05-14 Sat 06:00 PM  SPECIAL Boots, Booze & Boogie...40th Anniversary Celebration & Fundraiser Covina Woman's Club 128 S. San Jose Avenue, Covina 6 to 10 pm
2022-05-17 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker BBB - The good, the bad, the ugly. How did Boots, Booze & Boogie go
2022-05-18 Wed 07:15 AM  SPECIAL Board meeting
2022-05-24 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker AgingNext, Berenice Mendoza, Mobility Manager. AgingNext is a non-profit organization that supports and educates older adults and their families to maintain independence, and age well at home and in the community. We are currently developing our “Ride and Go” program which purpose it is to provide transportation to seniors who can no longer drive, with the help of volunteer drivers. The goal is t
2022-05-31 Tue 07:15 AM   NO MEETING TODAY
2022-06-15 Wed 07:15 AM  SPECIAL Board meeting
2022-06-18 Sat 09:00 AM   President's Board Retreat 9am-2pm @Wysocki's
2022-06-18 Sat 05:00 PM  Party CSR Kickout Party 5-10pm @Wysocki's - FIESTA THEME!
2022-06-24 Fri 00:00 PM  SPECIAL District Conference. From June 24th to 26th,2022. Will be held at: Renaissance Esmeralda Resort, 44400 Indian Wells Lane, Indian Wells, CA. Register for Hotel District Website to register for conference.
2022-06-25 Sat 08:00 AM  SPECIAL District Conference
2022-06-26 Sun 08:00 AM  SPECIAL District Conference!
2022-07-05 Tue     DARK
2022-07-12 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Reniero Francisco - SUBJECT: Don't ask!
2022-07-14 Thu 05:30 PM  SPECIAL SUNRISE ROTARY SOCIAL AZO VINO 5:30-8:00
2022-07-26 Tue 07:15 AM  SPECIAL Weekly meeting at Millie's today
2022-08-02 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Michael Espinoza Life as a diabetic, five years later
2022-08-09 Tue 07:15 AM  SPECIAL Weekly meeting at Millie's today
2022-08-16 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker ANDREW AVILA....LIFE AS AN LAPD OFFICER
2022-09-06 Tue 07:00 AM  SPECIAL DARK TODAY....NO MEETING
2022-09-20 Tue 07:15 AM   Reflexion gaming in covina Keeping kids in a safe play space
2022-09-27 Tue 07:15 AM   Gregg Peterson Forensics Teacher at Northview High
2022-10-11 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Eli & Crystal Torres Homes For Heroe's
2022-10-13 Thu 05:30 PM  SPECIAL SUNRISE ROTARY SOCIAL AZO VINO 5:30-8:00
2022-10-25 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker CHP PRESENTATION
2022-11-01 Tue 07:15 AM   Ashley kaneko Options A women's care center
2022-12-15 Thu 05:00 PM  Party Holiday Cocktail Party @Wysocki's
2022-12-20 Tue 07:00 AM  Party Holiday Breakfast
2023-01-10 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Jeffrey Richardson Support Solutions Homeless Services
2023-01-17 Tue 07:15 AM   Alexus Mckean LYVBLISS Mobile Wellness Nurse
2023-01-31 Tue 07:15 AM   Jeffrey Richardson Support Solutions Homeless Services @7:15AM
2023-02-07 Tue 07:15 AM   Aaron Rivas Century 21 Today' Real Estate Market
2023-02-11 Sat 09:00 AM   Food Outreach Program at Covina High
2023-02-14 Tue 07:15 AM   Diane Maee Truewood senior Living
2023-02-21 Tue 07:15 AM   Covina Chief of Police
2023-02-28 Tue 07:15 AM   District Governor visit
2023-03-05 Sun 01:00 PM  SPECIAL CHILI COOK OFF AZO VINO 2-5 PM
2023-03-07 Tue 07:15 AM   Culligan of Covina
2023-03-14 Tue 05:30 PM   History Dinner @AzoVino RSVP
2023-03-21 Tue 07:15 AM   Ana Vasquez District Social Worker Health and wellness center Covina Valley
2023-03-23 Thu 05:30 PM   Rotary Night-Out fundraiser @Buckboard BBQ / Pizza Chalet (5:30-8:00)
2023-03-28 Tue 07:15 AM   Brenda Dominguez Human Good Senior living
2023-04-04 Tue 07:15 AM   Dr. Justin Garcia Studio 36 Acupuncture and Integrative Care
2023-04-04 Tue 07:15 AM  SPECIAL MEETING @ MILLIES!
2023-04-06 Thu 05:30 PM   BBB Meeting @Azo
2023-04-12 Wed 11:00 AM   BBB Walkthru @Woman's Club
2023-04-18 Tue 07:15 AM   Rich padilla Wounded Warrior Umpire Academy
2023-04-25 Tue 07:15 AM   BBB FUNDRAISER MEETING our last chance to make sure we are ready for the big day!
2023-04-29 Sat 06:00 PM  Party BOOTS, BOOZE & BOOGIE 6-9 PM COVINA WOMAN'S CLUB
2023-05-02 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Amanda Miller Foster Care Recruiter FIVE ACRES CHILD & FAMILY SERVICES ORG
2023-05-09 Tue 07:15 AM   Nadine Gellego Sister Angel Foundation
2023-05-18 Thu 06:00 PM   Edna Vees Rotary Night Out
2023-05-23 Tue 07:15 AM   Covina Valley Superintendant Dr. Elizabeth Eminhizer
2023-06-13 Tue 07:15 AM   Jason Cook Covina Vikings Football
2023-06-13 Tue 08:30 AM   Howard Raff & Dave Legacy Endowment Update
2023-06-25 Sun 01:00 PM  SPECIAL Inaugural Legacy Fundraiser Event! BBQ @ Azo Vino $35 per person
2023-07-11 Tue 07:15 AM  SPECIAL President Robert's first meeting of the new Rotary year!
2023-07-18 Tue 07:15 AM  SPECIAL Annual Planning Session-Membership, Weekly Meetings, Youth Service
2023-07-25 Tue 07:15 AM  SPECIAL Annual Planning Session-part 2-Signature Projects, Fundraisers, Club Service
2023-08-08 Tue 07:15 AM   Steve Sharp Three Angels Children's Relief in Haiti
2023-08-15 Tue 07:15 AM   MEETING AT MILLIES
2023-08-22 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Champion Foundation
2023-08-29 Tue 07:15 AM   Susan Shiells School on Wheels
2023-09-05 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Tremale Ratcliffe Just Us 4 Youth
2023-09-19 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Timothy Moore Finance
2023-09-19 Tue 08:30 AM  SPECIAL Legacy Board Meeting following weekly meeting
2023-09-24 Sun 04:00 PM  SPECIAL Sunrise Rotary of Covina and Holy Trinity Church-Honoring First Responders and Medical Professionals.
2023-09-26 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Dave Penn PENNLEE Financial advisors
2023-10-03 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Tremale Ratcliffe Just Us for Youth
2023-10-03 Tue 05:00 PM  SPECIAL National Night Out-City of Covina Heritage Plaza
2023-10-10 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker District Governor Visit
2023-10-14 Sat 03:00 PM  SPECIAL Thunderfest Beer Garden
2023-10-17 Tue 08:30 AM  SPECIAL OSC Board Meeting 2023-2024 Budget and Plans
2023-10-24 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Jenica With Wings Shelter
2023-10-31 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Tony Nevarez Noon Rotary Education program in Mexico
2023-11-07 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Berenice Alonso Mobility Manager AgingNext
2023-11-18 Sat 09:00 AM  SPECIAL Stockings for Troops
2023-12-03 Sun 02:00 PM  Party Holiday Happy Hour Azo Vino 2-6 pm
2023-12-09 Sat 06:00 PM  SPECIAL Wine walk
2023-12-12 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Bernice Gonzalez LA USC Wellness Center
2023-12-19 Tue 07:15 AM  Party Holiday Breakfast at Azo Vino
2023-12-26 Tue 07:15 AM  SPECIAL No Weekly Meeting Today. Merry Christmas!
2024-01-02 Tue 07:15 AM  SPECIAL No Weekly Meeting Today. Happy New Year!
2024-01-16 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Matt Walsh Forever Kids
2024-01-23 Tue 07:15 AM  SPECIAL Weekly Meeting at Millie's
2024-01-30 Tue 07:00 AM   Jason Cook Craft Talk
2024-02-06 Tue 07:00 AM  Speaker Maria Thompson Charter Oak Unified
2024-02-13 Tue 07:00 AM  Speaker Aviation Education for Kids Workshop
2024-02-20 Tue 07:15 AM  SPECIAL Weekly meeting at Millie's
2024-02-24 Sat 09:00 AM  SPECIAL Food Outreach Program...Covina HS cafeteria 9 am
2024-02-27 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Police Chief Povero and Detective Preciado discuss the state of Covina policing.
2024-03-05 Tue 07:00 AM  Speaker Annette Williams Graceful hearts inc Caregiver services
2024-03-05 Tue 07:15 AM  Speaker Annette Williams
2024-03-10 Sun 01:00 PM  SPECIAL Annual Chili Cook Off @ Azo Vino Wine Bar
2024-03-12 Tue 07:15 AM   Greg Empowered youth lifestyle
2024-03-19 Tue 07:15 AM  SPECIAL Weekly meeting at Millie's
2024-03-19 Tue 08:30 AM  SPECIAL Legacy Board Meeting
2024-04-02 Tue 07:00 AM  Speaker Rebecca Johnson SkyzoneCovina
2024-04-09 Tue 07:15 AM  SPECIAL Weekly Meeting at Millie's
2024-04-16 Tue 07:00 AM   Iso Nakasato Athens Services
2024-04-30 Tue 07:00 AM   Connie Royal Ontario Airport Community Engagement specialist
2024-05-18 Sat 06:00 PM  SPECIAL CSR Fundraiser - Mardi Gras in May @ Covina Woman's Club
2024-06-04 Tue 07:15 AM  SPECIAL NO MEETING TODAY Optional breakfast at Millie's
2024-06-04 Tue 05:30 PM  SPECIAL Fundraiser wrap up meeting @ Azo Vino 5:30 pm
2024-06-11 Tue 07:00 AM    Elim community Pantry - David monzoon
2024-06-18 Tue 07:00 AM   Jill Doland Mt Sac
2024-06-23 Sun 02:00 PM  Party President Avila Kickout @ Wysocki's Home. 2:00 pm
2024-06-25 Tue 07:00 AM  Speaker Lynne Cruz Club Life
2024-07-02 Tue 07:00 AM   Janice Mendez The learning Center Covina
2024-07-13 Sat 09:00 AM  SPECIAL Planning Meeting 9:00 to 12:00 Azo Vino
2024-07-16 Tue 07:15 AM  SPECIAL Weekly Meeting at Millies
2024-08-13 Tue 09:00 AM  SPECIAL CVUSD Back to School Extravaganza


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